Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flips flops in February and ...Double Flip sneak peek

February ...May ...which is it?  Is it a beautiful day in Wichitawesome!  The temps are in the 60's, the sun is out, I'm wearing my favorite flip-flops, and I'm a happy girl!

Right after lunch today I got a call from the printer that my job was ready for a press check.  I was on "standby" today, after I approved the first round of proofs yesterday, and final proofs this morning. I was happy to get out of the office (where the windows are OPEN!) and enjoy the sunshine on the short trip to the printer.

Here I am with the pressman, admiring his work.  He works hard before I arrive to get the colors matched to the proofs and also to the original stitchery I have on hand.  When I arrive I can make changes and tweak colors, if necessary.  Today I just signed off and told him to "start the presses"!

But look at my footwear on the first day of February!  My office is always warm because I have windows on four sides.  It's not unusual for me to crack the windows, even when the temps are below freezing.  But when the weather is in the 60s, it's a full out open air day!

When I left the printer, I took a couple press sheets home with me, just for fun!  You can see all the products ganged together on this color side of the sheet.  Of course, the other side will have all the black/white charts, instructions and details.  After these sheets dry, they make a trip to the bindery for cutting, folding, and boxing.  I imagine my new designs are spending this morning in the very noisy bindery!

And now for the SNEAK PEEK we promised!  This press sheet has 4 new Double Flips from our new series ...drum roll please...  Less=More Double Flips!!!  You can spot the 4 similar products on the press sheet.  Also on the sheet is a Less=More bookmark and a Snippet.

Here's a corner from one of the Less=More Double Flips.  I found this really cool saying, which meanders through the whole series, but also works really well in small bits (each design!).  Then I was inspired by lots of antique alphabets and sampler motifs, and just had the BEST time designing and stitching everything.

We're getting psyched to release the new series in mid February, so we'll be bringing more sneak peeks and preview info here on the blog.  Anticipation!


  1. The weather has been awesome, hasn't it? We didn't reach 60 in IL but in the 50's yesterday. Not complaining, though. Last year we were digging out of a blizzard!

    Looking forward to the Feb release ☺

  2. I can't wait to see these - you have me intrigued!

  3. looks great, I am looking forward to the release..

  4. Your weather is amazing- warmer than here in the Mediterranean! Enjoy!

  5. Sounds like a cute name for a new chart: "Flip flops in February" LOL

  6. Nice nail color! I just finished a little bit of love and faith and can't wait for the new double flips,

  7. You have made me very curious! I can't wait to see it!