Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day = husband in kitchen and car!

Valentine's Day is in the middle of the work week - who planned that? But we still want to celebrate, in the midst of the CRAZY week before we leave for Needlework Market in Nashville. Multi-tasking to the rescue!

Lizzie*Kate is releasing NEW products today, which means we're shipping products to hundred of shops around the US and around the world...all on the same day! We worked like little elves all weekend, then spent Monday attaching mailing labels and doing customs forms.

Alan is at the big post office at the airport as I blog, delivering a car full of packages, that hopefully meet the recently released postal increases and rule changes!  This afternoon, we'll greet the regular UPS man with an equally large pile of boxes. Shipping has become ridiculously expensive, so we choose the cheapest method, depending on weight and location.

To get a jump of the big heart holiday, we celebrated Valentine's early last weekend with 35 of our favorite pals from church. Every year the men cook the women an amazing meal, serve it, CLEAN UP, and then sing to us. I know...it's hard to believe!. Truly, it's a certified MIRACLE every year!

Every year, the men gather the night before the dinner to bake cheesecakes for dessert. They actually make and bake 4-5 beautiful, tasty kinds of cheesecake. Above are the cheesecake bakers grinning after a successful night. My husband, Alan, is on the right. During this extravanganza, the wives go out to dinner (the guys order in pizza) and watch a chick flick movie. You could say, we are spoiled!!

After a wonderful meal the next evening, we finish with a cheesecake extravaganza! The varieties this year were (from left to right) Bailey's Irish Creme with chocolate topping, white chocolate raspberry, Heath bar cappuccino and white chocolate Amaretto with peach sauce. YUMMM!!!!

Tonight, after the shipping drama, we're planning to bring in food from a favorite restaurant (my mouth is already watering), open a bottle of wine, and relax. I'm going to make a yummy chocolate dessert from my daughter's food blog. If you need a quick chocolate VDay fix, click on the link below. Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Goodness! Look at all those packages, and the yummy goodies!!

  2. That sounds AMAZING! I need to show Luke this! What a talented group of men you got there!!

  3. Wow Linda!! can I join your church group??? I think I need to incorporate that at ours!! LOL



  4. Sounds like a lovely time, and a great opportunity for the men to bond with like minded men. They don't seem to get that much around here. Glad you had a good time!! And wow, you send out all kinds of packages!!