Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ready, set, MARKET!!!

Market opened this morning...WHEE!! After months of planning, 13 hours of driving, a full day of setup, and one allergy attack (apparently I'm allergic to Nashville's early spring weather) we opened the door of our little L*K showroom at 9:00 AM. Below is a pic of our "front windows" that face the atrium hallway. We did a little chalk art on brown paper to jazz up our posters previewing the new kits.

Our market is held in a beautiful Embassy Suites hotel, so the designers arrive early to transform their hotel "living room" into a cool showroom. We schlepp in tables, containers, and all sorts of display to showcase our newest designs and create a fun atmosphere. People do all kinds of crazy things to work with the furniture that's already there, and cram the unwanted pieces into the back bedroom.  The sofa sleeper was too big to move, so we remade it into a display table to showcase our Inspiration Boxer series. We removed the cushions, put an unwanted coffee table on top, then layered a 6' table on top of the pile and camouflaged with an extra sheet from the maid's cart. Yes. that's our new "sofa table" in the photo below!

We used the bar area of the living room for our Flip-it/Double Flip display. More chalk art covered the large mirror above the bar, which was bolted to the wall!

When the shoppers are finished selecting their cash & carry merchandise, they head to the back room to Alan's checkout area. When his checkout line gets too long, we encourage customers to label their bags, throw them on the bed, and return later to pick up (after we've had time to total their orders).

OOPS! We caught Alan checking a few basketball scores in a quiet moment. Time to get back to (needle) work!!! More market update tomorrow.....


  1. Best of luck for a successful market. Looks like a blast, after all that hard work.

  2. Thanks for sharing your room with us!! I always wonder what they look like!! Yours is just great! Have a great time!!

  3. Wish we where there :-). It looks great!

  4. Love the craft paper and chalk posters :)