Monday, March 21, 2011

I succumbed....

ACKK!  It's March, but the weather here is strangely too warm!  The temp outside this afternoon was 75, but my office was 85ish, so what to do?  Turn on the air conditioner!!! I's criminal to run the AC in March, but it was either that or not work!  Since it's Monday and my desk is piled high with lists and projects, comfort was king (or queen, as it may be!).

Open the windows you say...tried that!  We had them open all night trying to cool things off and it helped for part of the day. But the wind is howling and the curtains were standing on end, my plethora of indoor plants were confused by the sudden rush of I succumbed!

There are, however, a few authentic signs of spring in my yard. The forsythia bushes right outside our office just popped open yesterday.  A small patch of daffodils in the front yard are also greeting front door visitors. 

But my favorite springtime ritual is growing live Easter grass!  I planted a couple patches last week and they are almost ready for their first haircuts. Our friends may laugh at our yearly Easter harvest, but they are already asking..."have you planted your Easter grass yet?"  It's always an attention getter in the middle of the kitchen table, on the table in front of the sofa, wherever it lands. When it gets "mature", you give it a haircut. It's strangely fun and cathartic to cut your grass regularly (much more fun that cutting the outdoor variety!). It's also fun to add colored eggs (real or not) for a classic Easter scene.

FYI - that's a scraggly little patch of spinach coming up in the pot on the left.  The topiary is some leftover market decor which is almost done blooming, but smells heavenly. Here's hoping the AC is soon dormant until May!


  1. Indoor grass - what a fabulous idea!

  2. Hi Linda, I had to turn on our a/c today too for the very first time this yr. It was 78* today and got a bit muggy out.
    I used to have a cr. st. shop several yrs. back in Ashland, Ky.(Count Your Blessings ~ NOT to be confused w/the one by the same name in Baltimore, Md., if you catch my drift)LOL. and remember meeting you at market in Charlotte yrs. ago. I miss seeing all the designers and all the new stuff you all would come up w/every yr. So much fun!! I never did get to go to Nashville market, but always wanted to.
    I just found your blog and had fun going back through your older posts. I will put you on my sidebar so I can see each time you post.

    Totally enjoyed your blog and it brought back some great memories!

    Tanya~please come over for a visit sometime!