Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something old, something new...

Isn't it fun to get NEW stuff...especially when it is something OLD!  I love collecting old things and incorporating them around my house and office. I like to move stuff around seasonally, even tho it's a lot of work and I always make a big mess. And...sadly...the kids aren't around to appreciate it anymore, but it lifts my spirit!

I remember one time when my daughter Sarah was about 10 years old, I brought home some really ratty (primitive!) finds and she said "Mom, I think you have enough OLD stuff now!".  Of course, now she is the one buying old teacups, furniture, etc. for decorating. 

Here are a couple new treasures at our house.  My mother-in-law, Georgia May, passed away recently. She lived an extraordinary life, living independently almost until her 94th birthday.  My husband gathered with all of his siblings last weekend to clean out her house, and brought home a few goodies.

This hefty family Bible is so beautiful!  It's a little fragile, but it's occupying a prime space on the coffee table in our family room (next to the Easter decor, of course!).  It has a very cool inscription inside dating from 1858...amazing!

This sweet little painted green table is also from Alan's Mom and it landed in my office. It's a great little piece that will work in a zillion places, and I'm sure it will make lots of moves in the years to come.  On top of the table is the "something new".  Last weekend I hosted a wedding shower for a friend's daughter. Her wedding colors are purple and green (challenging).  I couldn't find any pretty purple cut flowers, so I ended up at the garden store buying pansies. 

Here's how our little girl gathering looked that day. I decorated the table and did the baking, and delegated the rest of the cooking to my helpers. Now I'm enjoying the pansies in my office before they land outside on my patio!


  1. that little green table is so cute! All that fruit looks yummy, too. Purple and green together does sound very challenging, but you did a great job incorporating both colours :)

  2. I love vintage and enjoyed looking at your treasures! The table looks so pretty with flowers and fruit, and the cupcakes are beautiful!

  3. Very pretty table. Fabulous that you are able to have the family Bible - good to see that you have it on display too.

  4. What a treasure the family bible is, and having an inscription from 1858 makes it even more special.
    Great job with the shower, the purple and green looked lovely!