Friday, September 9, 2016

Tiny Tidings XXI gets the woolies!

What are the "woolies"? I'm referring to the adorable new wool finishing packs from Weeks Dye Works for our newest set of Tiny Tidings XXI.

#176 Tiny Tidings XXI and it's cast of 5 little holiday characters was released a few weeks ago. Since then, these little guys have gained a lot of popularity. They're quick little stitches and so darn CUTE. I had a blast designing and stitching the tiny gang.

But after I finished stitching, then came a should I finish them? When in doubt, I mail my finished stitcheries to my pal, Mona, so she can work her "magic". It really is "magic" when the mailman delivers beautifully finished projects back to my door. Hence the name, Magic by Mona!

When I visited the gang at Weeks Dye Works this spring during my prep for the SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler, I was impressed with their inventory of gorgeous overdyed wools. Row after row, shelf after shelf, of beautiful colored wools!

And here are the men of L*K (Alan) and WDW (John) admiring their woolies.

Back to Tiny Tidings...Mona and I decided to finish the little gems with beautiful WDW wool. She chose 2 colors for each project. This was tricky, as all the Christmas colors are beautiful. 

On her finishing blog, Magic by Mona, there are helpful pictures and complete instructions for how to do this finish yourself!

One step at a time, Mona walks you though the "woolie" finishing process.

Santa is saying "Aack...get this peppermint  ribbon off my face!"

And before you know, some "magic" has happened at your house, and the whole Tiny gang is ready for your tree, gifting or whatever you decide.

Here's what you'll find inside the Tiny Tidings XXI wool pack - 10 precut pieces of assorted holiday colored wools.

Everything is packaged in a plastic bag with this label on the one side...

and this label on the other side - those friendly elves at WDW are so organized.

Need some woolies at your house? Just contact your favorite needlework shop and ask them to order - not from Lizzie*Kate, but direct from Weeks Dye Works. We're not selling these, but we're thrilled to be partnering with them on Tiny Tidings XXI.

Happy Finishing!

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