Sunday, September 25, 2016

Boxers losing their boxes!

What are Boxers? They're a set of kits we introduced in 2002. They've been around for a while...and around the world...literally.

Back in 2002, we were looking for a unique way to package our new kit product line. Something not too bulky, or hard to pack, but practical. It had to hold a pattern, fabric and embellishment. Alan suggested plastic cases, we researched a source, and Boxers were born.That led to the name - Boxers - and the fun little Boxer logo.

And do you remember our famous/infamous Boxer boxer shorts? I admit to still having 2 pair in my closet, and I wear them regularly around the house. We sold tons of these comfy shorts back in the day. I still remember working with our local supplier to get these flannel classics made, and having shelves of these plaid shorts
in the L*K office.

We began the Boxer kit series with several seasonal series. Then we did all sorts of stuff, including our Sweet Tooth series and a bunch of Giggle Boxers (silly sayings). You can view the entire Boxer line on our website at Just click on Chronological listings.

In 2011 I was looking for a new direction for the Boxer kit series. I decided to try some "inspirational" sayings, and Inspiration Boxers began. This has been my favorite group of Boxers yet, and they're still going strong. So many wonderful, inspiration sayings to stitches!

Several years ago, we had a Boxer contest for you to submit, and later vote, on your favorite Inspirational sayings. We were OVERWHELMED with entrees on this one. I still have the list of entrees in my file, and refer to it for ideas. The 3 winning sayings became the Boxers below, the winners got some L*K goodies for their stash, and all of you helped choose some fantastic sayings.

B48 Don't Cry Because It's Over Inspiration Boxer

B49 I Cannot Count My Day Complete Inspiration Boxer

B50 No Act of Kindness Inspiration Boxer

But back to those Un-Boxed Boxers...
Alan began asking me a couple years ago to consider un-boxing the Boxer kits. He does the shipping, and shipping costs have risen dramatically - as I'm sure you know if you shop online for anything. He proposed losing the boxes to make the kits lighter, as well as unbreakable. We have a small amount of breakage on these plastic boxes. Most of it occurs when the boxes are originally shipped to us, and we throw away several in every case.

Boxer inventory at L*K warehouse

So now we are in the process of un-boxing the Boxer kits. We ran out of our plastic box inventory, and as we replenish stores of existing Boxer inventory and publish new Boxers, they are getting spiffy new custom-sized sacks. These sacks are unbreakable and lighter to ship...but the same Boxer kit waits for you inside!

Boxed - Unboxed!!!

And...the real reason for this post...we have a NEW BOXER COMING SOON! Here's a sneak peek photo - it's our first Christmas Inspiration Boxer.

B54 Come Let Us Adore Him Inspiration Boxer

Check back soon for previews of all of our new goodies for October.

***We're delaying the promised "Winnie the Pooh" saying contest til mid-October. Pooh fans...don't despair. We'll get back to Pooh Corner soon!


  1. Love the sneak peek of your first ever Christmas Inspiration Boxer! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Interesting because I always took mine out and put it in a cd sleeve to save space! 🤓

  3. I will still continue to buy the Boxer designs no matter what!!!! In or out of a plastic box, these make GREAT quick gifts especially for those last minute gifts!!! I love the new sneak peak of the Christmas Boxer!!!! Keep up the great work designing!!!

  4. Great idea.... the "box" was what stopped me ordering them from overseas due to shipping costs... think I will have to start up a new collection now! :o)
    Hugs x