Wednesday, September 28, 2016

COMING SOON to your favorite needlework shop!

We have been BUSY!!! So many new things coming out next week, so get ready for some fun holiday stitching ahead!

F163 November December Calendar Double Flip

Our 2016 Calendar Flip-it series is finally complete! And here's the good thing...we have the same 12 months every year, so these never go out of style. If you didn't jump on the calendar craze this year, think about it for 2017. Go "Calendar Crazy" and stitch the entire year as one big calendar, or choose your favorite months and enjoy. Complete instructions on our website for combining the year on one stitchery. November/December comes with antique gold squirrel and Christmas heart charms.

S128 Peppermint Sleds Snippet

S129 Snowy Sleds Snippet

These little sleds are so fun to design and stitch, we got carried away and designed 2 sets this year. They're so quick and easy, it's downright addictive. Stitched on perforated paper (or fabric, if you choose), these little guys stitch and finish up in a wink. Each Snippet includes embellishments for all 3 sleds, with an assortment of beads and buttons. We use the same color palette every year, so these sleds "match" the sleds from previous years.

S130 Wise Men Still Seek Him Snippet

Perfect for the true spirit of the season. This timeless design stitches up quickly, but you'll enjoy it for years to come. We framed our model, but it would make a great little Christmas pillow, or your favorite soft finish.

And that's not all, folks! Check back later this week for the remaining 3 new releases shipping NEXT WEEK!


  1. Yay, more sleds! I love the one with the red bird. Your other new releases are wonderful as well.

  2. Gorgeous! Lots of goodies to start stitching :o)
    Hugs x