Thursday, February 18, 2016

To market, to market we go!

We leave for market in less than 2 weeks, so the crazy market prep countdown is ON!!!

Market madness isn't confined to the crowded L*K's invaded our house. You may trip over a piece of twine cording or encounter rolling beads on the floor almost anywhere.Below is a pic in our lake level family room/mini kitchen.

I LOVE my vintage rolling kitchen cart. Do/did you have one? Did your grandma have one? What color?

I get comments on this cart almost every time someone visits. I guess these colorful carts are a big part of kitchen history for many of us! Bonus for matches my aqua retro refrigerator (top of picture). And it's super useful for all sorts of projects - maybe even food related.

Today my rolling cart is full of Love Summer Limited Edition kits. They're ready to roll to the car and be loaded for the L*K office. Then they'll be counted and packed in large boxes to carry to Nashville Needlework Market.

I'm continuing a fun little "Purse/Pocket" Limited Edition Kit series. We're doing seasonal designs, so the new one will be Love Summer. I do truly "love summer" and especially the idea of summer...relaxing, enjoying, being outdoors, and extra time with family and friends.

Love Summer has our first ever L*K mermaid, merrily floating at the bottom, holding a golden seashell. How to draw a mermaid? I was a little perplexed so I began by cut/pasting another character I graphed elf. The elf head got me started - I removed the hat and add some floaty hair and a crown.  Then got to work on her wavy lower half. She's pretty cute and I'm hoping the needlework censors won't get me for her bare top. 

Here's the Love Summer cover with a nice denim-y background and some rope. I love designing these covers!! You can't imagine how many different background/elements I try and reject before sending the final to the printer. The final version is always unrecognizable from my earlier efforts. 

As always, Love Summer Limited Edition Kit comes with stitching fabric (30 count Lambswool linen), picnic-y bandana finishing fabric for top and back, seashell charm, twine for handle and complete finishing instructions. This kit is such a quick stitch, I promise it won't interfere with your summer fun!

Want to bring Love Summer to your house soon? Contact your favorite needlework shop and pre-order. We'll be releasing Love Summer on March 5, and it will appear in shops around the world soon after. 

Check out the companion purse/pocket kits, already available at your fave needlework shop. Now is the perfect time to work on Hello Spring. The vintage-y finishing fabric is so lovely, and the burlap-y ribbon handle is accented with flower shaped mother-of-pearl buttons. And that little chick!

K86 Hello Spring

And don't forget Merry St. Nick, who was the first purse/pocket kits last holiday season.

K84 Very Merry Santa

Check back soon for more market previews! It's back to the kitting table for us...1 kit done, 2 more to go!


  1. I had one of those carts years ago in my kitchen. It was yellow. Would love to have one again. It was very handy! Love the new designs coming. I saw a sneak peek on my LNS website.

  2. Love the new purse pocket. My grandmother had one of those carts in her kitchen as well.

  3. Can't wait to see your new market offerings. I'm still stitching your Mystery Sampler from last year.

  4. Love your new designs! Enjoy your trip to market :o)
    Hugs xx