Thursday, February 25, 2016

Our NEW Selfie Sampler

You know what a "selfie" is...right? Those annoyingly revealing (but fun) photos you take of yourself (and maybe a couple friends) while holding your cell phone at arm's length. Well, put that image out of your mind, because we're talking a different type of "selfie" here...a "selfie" in stitches!

While brainstorming about kits for market, I was inspired by this fabulous linen! It's called Red Pear (Weeks Dye Works) and it is yummy. It's the most glorious shade of pink and it was calling my name. So I designed a kit around this lovely fabric. **Linen is actually a little darker than my photo me, it's a fabulous color that I still love after cutting yards and yards.

In 2016, I've been working on a theme at L*K. Sort of an "empowerment/encouragement/you can do it" sort of vibe. When I found the phrase "Dear Self, Today I Will Shine", I knew it was perfect for my pet pink project.

I've been wanting to do a really wide, height challenged design for a while. So I got to work graphing my saying with a fab pink background on my computer. I stitched the little bugger, and then got a little worried. I heard voices in my head that sounded like..."will anyone like this shape of design?", or "is this design TOO wide and weird?".

So I returned to the computer and rearranged the design, added some things here and there, and got a more traditional rectangular shape...and STITCHED that shape! Then I was really CONFUSED...which "selfie" did I prefer???? After I got a frame on the original shape (#1), and made the other into a pillow (#2) with chenille trim, I decided to include them both!

Clearly, this "selfie" (myself!) is a little indecisive. But more fun for you all is how I prefer to see it!

While I was waiting for the frame to arrive, I designed a bitty little BONUS project and sent it to Mona to finish along with the project #2. She returned the cutest little "weenie" project. It's adorable! I predict this weenie is going to get a lot of attention at market. Check out the "self" (little girl) on the pic...this is supposed to be "me/you/our little selves"!

So choose whichever shape you want for your Selfie Sampler. Fabric included is enough for either shape. We're also including some pink beads, silver "Made with Love" charm, and complete finishing instructions for pillow and BONUS weenie.

We hope you enjoy your Selfie Sampler, whichever shape your "self" chooses! We will be anxious to see what creative finishes you dream up. My original vision for shape #1 was an uber-wide pillow with wide rick rack trim...and then a beautiful frame caught my eye. 

Selfie Sampler will be premiering at the Nashville Needlework Market on March 4-6. Look for it in your favorite needlework shop soon after. If you want to make sure you get one, contact your fave shop NOW to pre-order. Shops love pre-orders, because it makes their buying decisions at market easier.

Which shape do you prefer? 


  1. Oh!!! I really love both,I just can't choose. Congratulations great job.
    Where can be found the kit in Spain? Are there any shop you can tell me?

  2. Pink is my favorite color and I love the new designs!

  3. Great designs, strong sentiments, and pink fabric - I love them both! I might stitch the long one first - great frame too. Then I'll ask my LNS to order more of the wonderful fabric so I can stitch the other one. -- Kendra

  4. Un bel ouvrage
    J'aime bien les 2 mais ,j'ai une préférence pour le coussin.
    Merci pour ces nouvelles créations

  5. The wide one is my favorite. I really like the fabric too.

  6. I like the bigger design Linda, but the I quite like the little one too. It's on my list.....

  7. I love love all your stuff but these are so cute. I would probably do one of each.

  8. The framed piece caught my eye. I've been keeping an eye out for something little to give my granddaughter for HS graduation along with a check. This is perfect for her.....and her fav color is pink!

  9. What a lovely project you have designed! Thank you for asking for feedback regarding the shape. I prefer the rectangle, as I feel it draws my eye more directly to the words, thus enabling me to read them without the "distraction" of the other elements in the design. Perhaps distraction is not the correct word, as the other elements are lovely! The sweet basket of flowers is what I find draws my attention first and foremost. And I love the way the white letters pop against the gorgeous pink (my fav color!) fabric. Truly one of your prettiest projects!
    Warm Regards, Lisa in Oregon