Thursday, September 10, 2015

Halloweenie Time!

Today's the day! The Harvest Market Hop online needlework market is officially open, and it's time to "reveal" our new design. Last week was the "sneak peek"'s the whole "Halloweenie" thing.

"Halloweenie" Limited Edition Kit (K82) includes 2 quickie little projects, both full of spooky, Halloween fun. Here's what we're including in the "Halloweenie" Limited Edition kit:

* 28 ct. Amber linen for pillow
* Orange/black polka dot fabric for pillow finishing
* Funky green/orange rick rack for pillow finishing
* 2 sets of googly eyes (1 for pillow, 1 for fob)
* Complete finishing instructions for pillow, fob, and tiny broom tutorial
You supply a bit of fabric from your stash to stitch the bitty fob. You can do something neutral like we did, or have fun and try something colorful and quirky...just like Halloween!

Below is the official "Halloweenie" cover!

Sorry...the Hop is an online wholesale market, so only retail shops can "shop". But you can "shop" on the Harvest Market Hop Facebook page and let your fave needlework retailers know what you need! 

I'm sure lots of needlework retailers will be busy copying and pasting all the Hop design photos and you'll see the images soon - probably before I do (I'm usually the last to know what's new!). Just let them know if you need Halloweenie K82, and a lot of great products from other designers to come to your house.

What else is coming from L*K next week? So glad you asked!

Along with Halloweenie kits, we'll be shipping Part Three of our "A Little Mystery" sampler club. This is the final part and I'm a little sad to see another mystery coming to a close. You'll be glad to get the remaining part, and see the "big reveal" for the complete design. There's a photo on the Part Three cover of the completed "A Little Mystery" sampler. Mystery solved!

Part Three of "A Little Mystery" also includes the BONUS design for the "Little Sampler" above..."Don't let yesterday take up too much of today". This trio of BONUS projects from "A Little Mystery" are hanging out on my desk right now, bringing me a smile each day.

Our final new release is a Snippet called Grateful Thankful Blessed S124. I had a great time designing and stitching this model with some gorgeous fall colors. It's perfect for Thanksgiving, but I like the sentiment year round. I don't do Thanksgiving designs every year, so now's the time for some "thankful" stitching.

Back to the Hop for me! Orders are coming in from shops for Halloweenie, and we're busy combining them with pre-orders on "A Little Mystery" and Grateful Thankful Blessed. It's gonna be a busy weekend!


  1. Love the Halloween designs so cute and colorful! Can't wait for the 3rd part of the mystery sampler. I've really been enjoying stitching it. Thank you for these wonderful designs.

  2. I love your new Halloween design! Right now I'm stitching "Don't bug me"...
    Lovely day to you!

  3. I love "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today" That is a great little reminder :)