Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Little broom tutorial

Here's a fun, quick, FREE tutorial for making mini-brooms...just in time for great Halloween finishing!


My finisher extraordinaire, Mona, just posted these instructions to her fabulous finishing blog. She did the darling finish for me on our Limited Edition Halloweenie Kit K82 (more about this kit later in post), and used this tiny broom.

I immediately asked her where she sourced the teeny broom, and she told me she made it! Of course, Mona made it! It would never occur to me to craft a bitty broom, but it is the perfect accent to a host of Halloween projects. And it's so quick and easy, I think I could manage it myself.

Sadly, Mona declined to make me 1,000+ brooms to put in the L*K Halloweenie kits, but graciously offered to post the DIY broom instructions.

See the mini broom above on my Halloweenie Limited Edition Kit...darlng! This little broom would be super cute on a host of other L*K Halloween projects. OK...it would be adorable on other designers' Halloween projects, too...so go for it! 

And check out the broom-let on our Why yes, I CAN drive a stick! (Snippet S123). This little Snippet is "flying" out the door at L*K. There are lots of darling fabric choices and finishes for this project on the I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Facebook page...check it out and be inspired. Everyone is choosing colorful, funky fabrics and having a ball with this one.

Back to those Limited Edition Halloweenie kits...we are running low, and anticipate selling out before Halloween 2015. If you need these 2 little projects in your Halloween repertoire, let you favorite needlework supplier know ASAP. That darling dotted finishing fabric is in short supply, and the end is in sight at L*K headquarters (we won't be seeing "dots" for much longer).

Thanks again, Mona, for making the world a more beautiful place...one little broom and one creative finish at a time!

SNEAK PEEK: Mona has out-done herself with a "flake-y" finish on our upcoming "Snow Story" Flip-it series. Stay tuned for all the snowy details coming soon.


  1. That little broom sure is cute!

  2. Mona really knows what she is doing! That little broom is just the cutest!