Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What does XX mean?

Remember studying Roman numerals back in the day in school? Put on your thinking caps, because it's time for a refresher course.

Tiny Tidings XX is here and that means 20 YEARS of Tiny Tidings...and nearly a hundred little holiday designs during the past 20 years!

It also means Lizzie*Kate has been around for almost 20 I must be 20 years older than when this needlework adventure began?!

Here's our batch of 5 holiday goodies for 2015! As always, they're petite designs with lots of fun finishing possibilities. They're all packaged together in one convenient chartpak 172 Tiny Tidings XX.

I wanted to try stitching on the petite dot linen, so used that for several models. It's not necessary to use the dot fabric, just a fun option. On the two lower left designs (Snow and Snowy House), I graphed some snowflakes so you can stitch them, in case you use a solid fabric. If you use the dot linen, you omit the stitched flakes...easy.

There's also a separate embellishment pack if you want all the little buttons, charms, etc. that we used on our 5 models. Ask for E172 Tiny Tidings XX Embellishment Pack. This year I used white and aqua snowflake buttons, tiny red buttons and an antique silver star charm. These items may/may not be decorating the floors around my house...assembly errors!

Need Tiny Tidings XX at your house? We're shipping to shops everywhere today, Wed., August 12. It's our big annual "holiday release" and lots of goodies are leaving L*K headquarters in Wichita, Kansas for destinations around the US and around the world. 

Here's what's shipping NOW!  Scroll back to previous blog posts for photos and details on everything below.

* A Little Mystery Sampler Club - Part Two
* 172 Tiny Tidings XX
* E172 Tiny Tidings XX Embellishment Pack
* S121 Night Before Christmas Sleds (includes embellishments)
* S122 Celebrate! Santa '15 Snippet
* S122E Celebrate! Santa '15 Embellishment Pack
* S123 I Can Drive a Stick Snippet

Hope that keeps everyone busy this late summer and fall. It's always a great time of year to stitch, isn't it?!

****Personal Note: Just returned from 6 week check with my orthopedic surgeon after my total knee replacement. Got a great report on my progress and warnings not to try to do TOO much (have they been spying on me?). Also got permission to get in the lake in my backyard again, and I'm looking forward to a swim/kayak time later today. I'm so thankful for my super talented surgeon and his uber-friendly staff. Both the surgeon and his PA sat down and generously chatted with us this burying their faces in the computer screen. Isn't it amazing how some quality face-to-face time with your doc improves the whole visit?! It's been a long summer, but my knee and me are happy and improving!


  1. Great news on knee! I also love these new ones!!

  2. Great progress report. Enjoy your lake!

  3. Happy to hear you got a good report on your knee! Looking forward to getting my hands on the new sled chart and the Tiny Tidings one.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Great news on the knee! I must go get those tiny kidding xx RIGHT NOW :)

  5. Great Recovery!!! BTW I just adore the Tiny tidings!!!!

  6. So happy your recovery is going well and you are able to get into the lake once again! Enjoy! Lovely design Tiny TidingsXX another for my list....Blessings...

  7. Oh man! I want it all! I don't see a whole lot of changes between some of the early Tidings, just the colors have gotten brighter. But it's all for the good. No matter what, the Tiny Tidings will be some of my favorites. Good to hear you're on the mend!

  8. I know I am a year late but I am glad to hear your knee surgery went well! And Tiny TidingsXX is so sweet!