Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer is almost gone!

I KNOW...say it isn't so!

But Labor Day is looming a couple weeks ahead, and I guess that's the official end of summer, especially for those of us who aren't sending kids back to school. I don't send KIDS back to school, I "send" my daughter/teacher, Sarah, back to school. Shout out to Sarah as she returns to teach high school art in Chicago Public Schools for her 4th year. Woohoo...Go Lane Tech!

At L*K, Labor Day is also the official "retire" day of our Limited Edition kit, Sweet Summer. Alas, the "Sweet Summer" of 2015 is coming to an end...sigh.

We're busy making up one more big batch of kits to fill the anticipated last minute flurry of orders. I'm cutting and sacking little shell trim (love this charming stuff) and winding that tricky iridescent thread into little bundles and wrestling it in little zip bags. I love the way the iridescent threads look, but they sure are a pain to work with.

We will make up kits with the remainder of our linen fabric on hand and then Sweet Summer (K81) is GONE for good.

If you need one more dose of Sweet Summer K81, let your favorite needlework shop know ASAP so they can order. Summer comes around every year, so whether you stitch it this year or next, you'll be ready for Sweet Summer again!

Here's a little picture of me enjoying my Sweet Summer, kayaking in the lake in our back yard. I got permission from the ortho doc to get back in the lake (yes!) after knee surgery. 

And here's a pic my husband took during his early AM/daybreak kayak excursion. He keeps inviting his guy friends over to kayak and watch the sun come up. He tortures them with an early alarm, but the view is rewarding...and maybe the cinnamon rolls I feed them afterwards.

I hope your summer has been a Sweet Summer to remember. I know I won't forget the summer of 2015 for a long, long time!


  1. the braid with your name and buttons are also really fine...but not in the kit ?
    I spread your news on fbk

  2. How lucky you are to have a lake in your back yard! And that little crab on Sweet Summer is my favorite part :)