Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Sneak Peeks!

We're readying to ship new designs next week...which should be interesting, because we're also MOVING to our new home next week. Funny how after waiting 18+ months for our new home to be completed (original move-in date was fall 2014!) it should finish just in time for a new product release.  Gotta love it!

So while I have a minute in front of the computer (when I should be packing boxes), I'll share the photos of our new goodies with you. Fun stuff coming your way NEXT WEEK!

#171 Seasons chartpak
This idea began as a Snippet series of 4 seasonal designs, then I decided to pack them all in one chartpak for a good value.Each design is full of sampler inspiration and L*K charm. You can rotate them as the seasons change, or enjoy them year-round. I absolutely loved stitching the models on these little goodies - sure hope you like them, too!

S119 Do Small Things with Great Love Flora McSample Snippet
Sweet, sweet, sweet! This little project will make you smile...it worked for me!  It's quick, but long on charm with lovely soft colors and cheery motifs. I used a great little frame, but you can have fun with lots of finishing options on this one.

S120 Nevermore Snippet
This little Halloween project is a snap to stitch because it's all in one color...black, of course! I took a little raven motif from the main Snippet, and put it in a little watch fob for a second stitching idea. You can have fun choosing all kinds of fun fabrics and finishing. for this. It's the first time I've ever put a black cover on a Snippet, but it's so perfect for Halloween and this design. Quoth the Raven "Nevermore" (Edgar Allan Poe).

F153 Dreaming is Free - 3 Little Words Flip-it
F154 Embrace the Journey - 3 Little Words Flip-it

These are the final 2 designs in our 3 Little Words Flip-it series. Don't forget to use the FREE template on L*K website to combine all the designs into one stitchery. Or pick and choose your favorites to create your own inspiration statement. We've really enjoyed bringing you the entire 3 Little Words Flip-it series!

***Don't forget there's also a FREE design in this series. Find it on the L*K website, or scroll back to previous blog post. FYI...this FREE post was the most popular L*K blog post ever. It was viewed on Facebook by over 46,000 people...OH MY!

And now...back to packing boxes!


  1. Best wishes to you on your upcoming move! I really like your new releases especially the Four Seasons.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. I want those Seasons so bad!! Looking forward to all the new stuff!!

  3. Me too! Love the 4 seasons!

  4. cannot WAIT to see a peak at the summer mystery sampler... :)

  5. Any chance you could help give me an idea how many stitches per chart on average are on each of the Little Words Flip It Charts?... I'm seriously thinking of stitching them all up on 1 piece of fabric and using a hand dyed fiber...(need to figure out how many skeins to buy and get the same dye lot) -Thank you so much for your time :)