Thursday, June 18, 2015

"A Little Mystery" collage sneak peek!

Why haven't I been blogging for the past couple weeks? I have a fantastic excuse...we've been moving...and moving...and moving some more!

We knew moving to our new house was going to be a lot of work, but what the heck? This was the first time we'd ever lived anywhere for 20 years, and it has been downright painful sorting through 20 years of messy buildup. There are piles of stuff going to the new house, piles for the garage sale (2 of them!), piles for my local needlework shop, piles for church and multiple carloads for Goodwill. Then, to add insult to injury, you have to clean your old house on your way out!

And did I mention we are 20 years older than the last time we moved? YIKES...this is tiring stuff...physically and mentally. Thankfully, we can see daylight at the end of our "moving tunnel"...and we can see a gorgeous lake when we look out the windows at our new house! Above is the view out my L*K home office window. I'll share pics of our new house soon when things are a little neater.

Meanwhile, back at L*K...things are really "heating up" for our summer mystery sampler! Thanks to many of you for placing pre-orders with your favorite needlework shops.

HERE IT IS....the famous "collage" photo that teases you with hints about the upcoming "A Little Mystery" sampler!

You can spot the lovely threads on the right, and 2 of the finished BONUS projects (Little 2-sided Fob and Little Pin Pillow). Our "A Little Mystery" sampler is folded in the right background, so you can see design bits if you look closely. On the left background, the other stitched BONUS project (Little mini sampler) is rolled up and tied with a bow. Start sleuthing!

We are encouraging shops to begin a list with us, then add to it as their orders increase and the pre-order deadline nears on July 5. Part One shipment leaves L*K on July 15. If you want to join our "A Little Mystery" club, just let your fave needlework shop know ASAP. Ordering early really helps us with printing, assembling and planning ahead.

Everything about "A Little Mystery" is a "little" smaller than previous mystery samplers...except the fun and mystery, of course. The overall project is "littler", it's packaged in "littler" bags, and the PRICE is "littler"!!! Just right for easy summer stitching!

Yes, there are 4 projects! Each part (3 parts) of "A Little Mystery" includes a BONUS design..."Little" 2-sided fob, "Little" pin pillow and "Little" mini sampler. 

Our shipment schedule to shops is:
July 15 - Part One leaflet & Embellishment Pack
August 12 - Part Two leaflet (embellishment pack also available)
September 9 - Part Three leaflet (embellishment pack also available)

Below is our embellishment pack insert - so cute! We've gathered all the goodies and will start assembling know, as soon as we clear a space in our messy new house. I'll blog soon on all the goodies we're putting in the "A Little Mystery" embellishment pack. 

Need more details on "A Little Mystery"? Just scroll back to our previous post and all the nitty-gritty stuff is there. If you have questions on pricing and ordering, contact your needlework supplier.

"A Little Mystery" FUN FACT! 
The antique pocket watch that I used on the collage photo above belonged to my husband Alan's grandfather. Alan was raised on a family farm in central Kansas. As the story goes...Alan's grandfather lost this watch while ploughing the fields with a horse. Then, years later, he spotted the watch in the same field while driving a new-fangled tractor. The "lost" watch was "found" and now it's hanging out on my bookcase in a little glass dome (and starring in "A Little Mystery" sampler collage photo!). 

We're excited about another summer of stitching mystery. Hope you can join us on our "little" journey!


  1. Do you have a link to on line shops? I've tried to google but haven't had much luck.

  2. Progress is good! Clearing out is good too. What an incredible new office view. Great place to do your post surgery resting. Looking forward to new designs.

  3. Those little sheep are darling! And I just love the colors. You guys do no wrong in my eyes!

  4. What a gorgeous view from the windows of your new home! You are so busy churning out pretty new patterns....when do you sleep? Ha ha ha.