Friday, June 5, 2015

"A Little Mystery" Sampler is coming SOON!

It's TRUE...we're doing another SUMMER MYSTERY SAMPLER!

It's called "A Little Mystery" and it's perfect for all of our busy summer schedules...because it's a "little" mystery!!!

I found this saying I loved for a mystery sampler, and the design just seemed to flow onto my sketch pad and the computer. It's a lovely mishmash of sampler motifs, cheerful florals and colors, and the perfect "mystery" saying. This project is so happy and fun, I just couldn't wait until fall to share it with all of you!

Everything about "A Little Mystery" is a "little" smaller than previous mystery samplers...except the fun and mystery, of course! The overall project is "littler", it's packaged in "littler" bags, and the PRICE is "littler"!!!

However, "A Little Mystery" is BIG on value! We wanted this summer mystery to be jam-packed with goodies, so we're including a BONUS design with each of 3 parts. They're all super sweet, quick little projects. You can follow along with the mystery, but still have fun for summer activities...and other stitching, of course!

Because this is a "Little Mystery", we made some changes from previous mystery samplers. Honestly, we really wanted to do this sampler now, but knew this summer was going to be crazy at our house/L*K business. We are moving for the next few weeks, and I'm having knee replacement surgery at the end of June. It's gonna be quite a summer at L*K and the relocated Ebright household. Sarah "Lizzie" and Alison "Kate" will be coming to town to help me after my surgery. I'm looking forward to their companionship...and their yummy cooking.

Life at our house/biz right now looks like pic below...boxes, boxes, boxes!

Read on for all the mystery details!

* "A Little Mystery" Sampler will be revealed in 3 monthly parts, shipping in mid July, August and September.

* Each part will contain a BONUS "Little" design, along with a portion of "A Little Mystery". We've created a darling set of stitching goodies...2-sided scissor fob, sweet pin pillow (or whatever you want to make it) and a "Mini Mystery" sampler. These 3 pieces all coordinate with the big piece, using the same threads.

* We stitched "A Little Mystery" on lovely 30 ct. tea-dyed Sandstone linen. We also stitched all 3 bonus projects on the same fabric. We will NOT be providing fabric precuts as on previous mystery samplers. You can use the fabric we used, or personalize "A Little Mystery" just for you with your fabric selection. Check out thread list below,  so you can play with fabric colors and counts. We stitched on linen, but you can choose Aida or whatever makes you happy. Maybe even something from your stash?

* "A Little Mystery" stitch count is 65W x 161H.

* BONUS project stitch counts are:
   2-sided scissor fob - 35W x 39H on each side
   Pin pillow - 49W x 50H
   Mini Mystery sampler - 46W x 79H

* We WILL be doing a fantastic embellishment pack that includes goodies for "A Little Mystery" and all 3 BONUS projects. We've rounded up some fun goodies that we're anxious to share!  Embellishment pack includes 2 JABC hand-made buttons (including exclusive coral ladybug),  hand-dyed button, tiny buttons, mother-of-pearl flower button, "Made with Love" silver-tone charm, and 2 colors of beads.

* We will NOT be providing a thread pre-pack, as on previous mystery samplers. Your favorite needlework shop will have these threads available. You can also use from your stash, but you'll need a full skein of most colors to complete all the projects. Depending on your fabric choices, you may need more threads.

* "A Little Mystery" thread list:
Gentle Art Sampler threads avocado, holly berry.
Weeks Dye Works carrot, chickpea, grits, oscar, purple haze, terrapin, verdigris
DMC light gold 437, lilac 3042, light pink 3354, pale teal 3768

We'll be revealing more sneak peek photos soon, so stay tuned to the L*K blog and L*K Facebook page for updates.

We hope you can join us on our "little" summer of stitching mystery!  Contact your favorite needlework supplier to pre-order "A Little Mystery" sampler. They're taking orders NOW!

Let's have a "little" fun together!  It's gonna be a great "little" summer knee, new house, sad goodbye to old house,  and all.

Mysteriously yours,



  1. Hermoso todo sus diseños, lo malo de vivir en mexico es que no encontramos una tienda la cual venda... y sale super caro comprar ya que en ocasiones los paquetes no llegan y se paga mas de lo que cuesta.... me gustaría poder vender sus productos....

  2. already ordered from my stitch shop--- LOVE your designs so much- i don't need to see it to know i'll love it :)

  3. I'm a sucker for a mystery stitch project! Looking forward to it :)