Monday, February 2, 2015

Coming soon - 3 Little Words & more!

Here's the scoop we've been promising on our new 3 Little Words Flip-it series!

I'm really excited to share our new Flip-it series with all of you! I looked everywhere for little bits of only 3 words! After I chose my favorites (the hard part!) I graphed them in groups of 2 sayings. There are 7 different Flip-its in the series, so that's 14 little phrases. Stitch them all together, stitch them separately, or choose your favorites and create your own personalized inspirational stitchery. These little treasures are QUICK, fun and a great way to begin 2015!

  • There are 7 designs. Each Flip-it has 2 sayings, so there are 14 sayings in all.
  • We stitched the series on 32 ct. lambswool linen (choose your favorite light-colored fabric).
  • Each 3 Little Words Flip-it will have the same embellishment pack with olive button.
  • All 7 designs fit vertically. Total stitch count, including FREE border, is 95W x 388H.
  • We'll post a list of FREE instructions for combining the whole series on our website. We'll include thread list, design template and extra border design.
  • Stitch them all together, or mix and match your favorite inspiration designs to create your own inspirational sampler.
  • Thread list: One skein each, unless otherwise indicated. Weeks Dye Works bright leaf, Madison rose, deep sea (2), chestnut (2), grits, guacamole, oscar (2), verdigris. Classic Colorworks boysenberry.
We've packed a lot of inspiration into 3 Little Words! To get all of you involved, we will be hosting an online contest to submit your favorite 3 word sayings! We'll select 10 favorites, then hold online voting. Once the winning saying is selected, we'll graph it and post it on our website for a FREE (optional) addition to our 3 Little Words series.

The first 3 titles will be shipping to shops everywhere on February 10:

F148 Be Kind Always

F149 Forgive Move On

F150 You've Got This!

And that's not all that's coming soon! If you need any of these goodies, let your favorite needlework shop know so they can preorder.

K75 A Little Luck
Remember when we asked for ideas for more "Little" kits? We're using them! This quickie project is perfect for St. Patrick's stitching. A Little Luck comes with 32 ct. lambswool linen, and golden horseshoe charm and beads.  A bit 'o luck included for FREE!

S117 Be Silly Flora McSample Snippet
Our little sampler girl, Flora, is doing a series of Snippets this year. Each design has vintage motifs and a sampler feel...and they're sweet, quick and CUTE (just like Flora!). This is a classic saying from Ralph Waldo Emerson, and we think it's perfect for right NOW

K76 ABCs of Faith
We're pleased to bring you another ABC kit. This design has beautiful colors and is kitted with Weeks Dye Works threads and DMC for some of the small bits. We worked really hard to create the ABCs of Faith text (prayer was involved!). We hope this stitchery is a blessing to you as you stitch and enjoy later. 

We're busy assembling all of theses new goodies in our NEW office! After a hectic long weekend, we've almost completed the move to the new office space. What a change to be working from a different place!

Here's the new, improved, larger shipping area. There's a bit of every L*K product there - easy to reach, package and ship.

This is the boring back room with big boxes of chartpaks, Snippets and Flip-its in their original boxes from the printer. My desk is not ready for the camera! 

Have a great stitch-y week, everyone!


  1. can't WAIT for all the new stuff this year!!!!!!

  2. Love all the new bits!!! That is so not a boring back room... that is every stitchers dream. Ah to be surrounded by LK goodness. ;-)

  3. I love three little words and know exactly who I'll be stitching it for :-) thank you for another great design

  4. Three Little Words and ABCs of Faith are on my 2015 to-do list!

  5. Bellissimi i tuoi schemi! Devo cercarne uno con la scritta Mum!!!!

  6. There is nothing boring in that back room, I would love to go through those boxes!! haha. And I can't wait to get my hands on Three Little Words, I think it will go great with At Our House :)