Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Rabbit!

We've all heard about magicians making rabbits appear out of a hat. But we've got a twist on the rabbit theme here at L*K....our little rabbit has DISAPPEARED!

More specifically, our kit model for A Little Gray Hare Limited Edition Kit (premiering at market soon!) has mysteriously vanished.

Honestly, this is one the cutest models I've ever done. I adore this little guy. I didn't originally plan the design to be an "egg". My finisher, Mona, came up with the brilliant idea. (If you aren't into eggs, it would be darling finished differently - that was my original plan).

During our recent office move, I put A Little Gray Hare in a zip bag - for his protection.. The model got carried to/fro the new office/old office/my family room during the kitting process. After a few hectic days, I realized he wasn't sitting on my desk with my other new models. Alan said "no worries, he will show up".

But now we've looked high and low, far and near, and in all kinds of unexpected (wrong) places. The needlework detectives are working overtime, but this case is still open....our BUNNY is gone!

OK..it's a little embarassing to go to market with hundreds of this Limited Edition kit, but the sweet model is MIA. While we've been searching for the elusive hare, I had my printer make a big 16" x 16" poster of him. Perhaps I should have added the caption...WANTED!

So now I'm stitching away on a replacement model. I cracked open one of my own kits (a new experience!) and got to work. After one fabulous basketball game shared with friends, he's almost complete!

During this "hare-raising" saga, I keep thinking about this beloved children's book. The bunny keeps playing hide and seek, but he's always found.

Will we end up with TWO bunnies eventually? I figure the best way to find the original is to stitch another. You know how those bunnies tend to multiply....


  1. Hope the missing hare turns up! Best wishes to you at Market!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Hope the Runaway Bunny is found soon! ;-)

  3. Hope yo find him before market! Also, I wanted to tell you how very much I am enjoying the newest mystery sampler. The colors are beautiful. I'm a slow started sometimes so I'm just on part 1 but I love the flowers and the design. This is going to be a wonderful sampler.

  4. Hi, So when will the cute little Hate kit be available to public?It is adorable. Can't wait! Thanks. Ginger

  5. Oh my goodness... what a tricky bunny he is?
    I hope that he comes out of hiding soon! And yes, I suspect you will end up with more than two.... I so hope I can get hold of one of these little cuties!
    Hugs xx

  6. Yes, it will turn up eventually in the most unlikely of places and everyone will enjoy a good chuckle

  7. Did you check the top of the fridge or under the car seats? That's where my MIAO things tend to go. Good luck with the search!

  8. I was going to say...just as soon as you finish the replacement model, bunny will reappear! Murphy and his dang laws. Have fun at market...!

  9. If the original bunny shows up maybe you could do a giveaway for one of them. I know I would love to win something stitched by you :) He sure is a sweet bunny!