Monday, January 19, 2015

Things Unseen Mystery Sampler REVEALED!

Part 3 of the Things Unseen Mystery Sampler shipped last week. I realized everyone else was busy sharing the "big reveal" photo, so I had better get with it!

Above is the whole Things Unseen Mystery Sampler! You can see all 3 parts put together, and also the fun embellishments. If you're stitching along with us, don't forget to check the L*K website for some small corrections we have posted on our Boo Boo page.

Here's the Part 3 cover. I had fun designing this vintage looking cover for our "big reveal".

I wanted to share my finished BONUS project with you! It looks so pretty all framed and complete. Check out the embellishment on this pic, too.

Finally, I've put this little "double bonus" pin pillow project to work on my busy (cluttered) desk. This project was included with Things Unseen Part 2 (along with the rick rack). It brings a little smile to my face every day. The embellishment pack also includes the goodies (pink mother-of-pearl heart button and beads) for this pin pillow.

What's next at L*K?

*We have a bunch of new goodies coming soon! Scroll back 2 posts to see all the pics and info. We're planning to ship these to shops around Feb. 10. Just waiting on our printer to deliver a couple things and we'll get to work with assembly.

*A Little Luck (coming in Feb.) is already assembled and waiting for it's turn with the shipping department (that's Alan and I). 

* On my next post, I'll share a bunch of details about the new 3 Little Words Flip-it series. We're really excited to get this one going. We're preparing a Blog Contest so you can contribute you own favorite 3 Little Words of inspiration.

* I'm also working on 4 new kits for our upcoming Nashville Needlework Market. I've got the models stitched, and I'm busy pulling together all the supplies. 

* Oh yea, we're in the middle of moving the L*K office (previous posts). Every day we make lists and transfer stuff back and forth, as needed. Alas, we're losing our quick 25 step commute to work, and replacing it with a 5 minutes drive. Sure hope to conclude the move soon...bring on the needlework elves!

Happy Week, everyone!


  1. I love your big reveal!! Your designs are always such a delight to stitch.
    Good luck with the move :)
    Hugs xx

  2. Thank you for such a lovely mystery sampler! I enjoyed the stitching.. and loved that it caused my daughter to ask all about Helen Keller.

    I can't wait for the flip its!


  3. Nice reveal! The bonus patterns are also pretty. Good luck with your move. At least, you will have a short commute, even if it will no longer be 25 steps :)

  4. LOVE the reveal! Perfect! A Little Luck is fabulous and I'm very intrigued with the three words :)

  5. I love the design! I wish I'd had the money to buy it when it was released but being just before Christmas funds were a little tight.I love the bonus designs too! The 3 words look really cool!

  6. C'est magnifique ! J'ai commencé à broder la première partie avec beaucoup de plaisir.

  7. Things Unseen is beautiful. Do you have plans to do more designs like this using influential people? I would love something based on Maya Angelou. And I have to have the 3 little words series, it is going to the top of my wish list :)

  8. I just brought my Things Unseen and the bonus project to my framer today. I didn't want to look how you framed yours. My frame I picked out is surprisingly similar to yours with a bit of gold highlighting the warm colors. I went with the same frame for both. I like how yours aren't completely "matchy-matchy." Thanks for your dedication and inspiration!