Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Lizzie*Kate SNEAK PEEK!

Before I get to the 2015 sneak peeks, wanted to share that the Jingle All the Way kit is almost sold out. It's almost jingled out!! If you need a little jingle, for years to come (Christmas comes every year, you know), let your local needlework shop know to order. When the darling finishing fabric is gone, this little kit is retiring and will jingle no more!


K75 A Little Luck Kit
Remember my blog request for some "Little" ideas? You sent so many fabulous ideas and I'm working on several. St. Patrick's Day was a favorite idea, and it's that time or year, so I got to work. There's a tiny leprechaun, and lots of other green goodies. Kit includes 32 ct. lambswool linen, golden horseshoe charm and some antique golden beads. Luck to ye!

K76 ABCs of Faith Kit
It's been a long time since we've released an ABC kit, so we're happy to bring you another addition to the ABC family. We worked hard on these ABC phrases - prayer was involved! The beautiful muted colors make this kit a real heirloom. ABCs of Faith kit includes 8 skeins of Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads and pattern. You supply your favorite neutral colored linen. 

3 Little Words Flip-its!
 We're really excited to share our new Flip-it series! I was thinking about the New Year, and thought a little inspiration (not to be confused with resolutions!) would be perfect. I researched and looked everywhere for little bits of inspiration...in 3 little words!

After I chose my favorites (the hard part!) I graphed them in groups of 2 sayings. There are 7 different Flip-its in the series, so that's 14 little phrases. Stitch them all together, stitch them separately, or choose your favorites and create your own personalized inspirational stitchery!

More pics and details of individual designs soon (I just finished stitching the models). I'm also planning an online contest for stitchers (that's YOU!) to submit their own favorite 3 word inspiration sayings! Once the winning saying is selected (we'll vote), I'll  graph it and post on our website for a FREE (optional) addition to our 3 Little Words series.

Flora McSample's Snippets
Who's Flora? She's our little (fictional) sampler girl, created for a market promotion several years ago. We were encouraged to submit a design in a sampler style, and "name" our sampler stitcher. Since then, Flora has made several appearances with sampler-ish designs. Most recently, she designed Flora McSample's Christmas Ornaments (#168)

Anyway, (long story short), this year Flora will be doing a series of small sampler inspired designs, similar to the BONUS projects that come with every Inspiration Boxer. You can frame these little gems, make them into pin pillows, little cushions (the word our UK friends use for "pillows"), whatever you like. They will be charming, quick little vintage projects.

What did you do on New Year's Day? My husband had a terrible cold and I was trying to avoid spending time with him. Yes, I cooked him soup and all that, but I tried to stay as far as possible from his germs. So I stitched this little model (hiding in my home office). It's a lovely saying from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Flora and I spent some quality time together! Look for more small Flora McSample Snippets in 2015.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year! I hope you have time for lots of stitching, and spending time with those you love. Which reminds me a saying that I'm currently graphing..."Collect moments, not things".

***We're beginning to move the L*K office later this week to it's new little office space. Stay tuned for pictures of the historic move (weather pending!).


  1. Oh, I love the ABC's of Faith Kit! I'll be saving for that, I think!!

  2. I was just looking for inspirational cross stitch sayings! I can't wait to do this new flip it series!! Love it

  3. these are adorable!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your designs. Wish I had more time to stitch them all!

  4. LOVE the St. Patrick piece and the last one you've shown us, just adorable!
    I hope you managed to avoid those darn germs, I've dodged it from two family members now ;)

  5. Love the Flora sampler. I can't wait for the Flip-its.

  6. Flora's new snippet looks lovely! Looking forward to seeing your new flip it series when it hits the shops.

    Good luck with your moving of the LK office!

    Robin in Virginia

  7. Love them all. Wish I had more time and more money. lol
    Happy New Year.

  8. I'll look for "Jingle all the way" in Toulouse (France)
    and Be Honest please me a lot

    My best whishes for this new year

  9. I love the new designs! Can't wait to see more of 2015!
    Hugs xx

  10. looking forward to your new patterns they look sweet!
    Lots of luck on the move hope it goes well.
    Hope Hubby gets better soon
    Darlene N

  11. Hi Lizzie,
    My best wishes for 2015 and your family, take care with rhe germs !!
    I have your "Jingle All The Way" kit in transit between USA and France, I love your new designs, especially Flora sampler and your Be Silly, Be Honset, Be Kind

    But tonight in France, we are very sad and shocked after this horrible terrorist attack in Paris against a satyric newspaper, the freedom of expression was totally scoffed this morning ( 12 deaths and very grave injuried persons, RIP

  12. So glad I got my Jingle All the Way kit before they sell out! I had seen your previous post about it and thought it was so sweet, especially with the finishing fabric! I had to pop into my local needlework store to get part Two of Things unseen (I am stitching Part 2 now), so I picked up Jingle All the Way while I was there. Looking forward to more about your new designs for 2015!

  13. That little leprechaun is sooo cute!!! And the ABC's of faith is beautiful! I can't wait to get 3 little words flipits. It would look so good next to "At Our House" on my wall! I just love everything. I am thinking about doing a stitch from stash but there would have to be a LizzieKate exception for my spending :)