Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jingle Time!

We're working like crazy to get Part 2 of our Things Unseen Mystery Sampler ready to ship...but that's not ALL, folks!

We have a couple new things shipping to shops on Dec. 3.  Here's a sneak peek!

Jingle All the Way Kit (K74)
I couldn't resist doing one more Christmas design...the more the merrier, right?  I started with a teeny little elf I graphed, and built the design around him. He doesn't look stressed out...not yet, anyway!

After I stitched the model, I found this gorgeous finishing fabric, and decided to include it with the kit. You'll get the 28 ct. Lugana fabric for stitching (this fabric is a breeze to stitch on), poinsettia finishing fabric for front, striped coordinating fabric for backing (you can see it on pic behind model), 5 jingle bells, 2 little white snowflake buttons, graph and finishing instructions.  Add some bits of floss from your stash, and you're ready to JINGLE!

We're busy cutting, folding, and ironing (yes, ironing!) all the fabrics for this kit. As soon as the printer delivers our pretty color cover, we'll get to work assembling everything. We're hoping to get everything assembled before Thanksgiving holiday, because the turkey is at our house this year! (And can you believe that December begins right after Tday?!)

B50 No Act of Kindness Inspiration Boxer
This is the final winning saying in our Inspiration Sayings contest from earlier this year. This is a classic sentiment attributed to Aesop's Fables. Isn't it timeless? Kit includes 30 ct. natural line, flower button embellishment and BONUS design for the little pillow on the left.

If you want to add any of these new designs to your own Christmas list, let your favorite needlework shop know so they can be sure to order.

It's chaos here at L*K headquarters. We have "officially" outgrown out little home/garage office space. There is stuff everywhere...the shelves and countertops are full, and the floor is getting impassable. Every time we release a new product, we struggle to find a place to store it.

So...BIG news here at L*K...we've rented a little office space near our home. Yes, the commute will be longer - 5 minutes instead of 25 steps - but we are looking forward to our new L*K office. Moving is going to be a huge job, but we think the newly organized and expanded space will be awesome.

And...BONUS...our favorite Italian restaurant is in the same little strip space as us. Anyone want to help us move a little L*K inventory?


  1. Todo precios, ya tengo ganas de hacerme con un kit!!!

  2. Congrats....Linda and gang....I order all your new kits and charts from Cecilias Samplers in the new Jingle and will order several as last min. gifts for my neighbors. Enjoy your new office.
    Pat Carson
    Designs by Gloria & Pat, Inc.

  3. Congrats on your new office space,,,stitch mostly your designs for my grandchildren...they love the samplers I' m stitched using your designs.
    Pat Carson Designs by Gloria & Pat.Inc.

  4. So happy you've found a space that is suited to you! Congratulations! Blessings for many long years of continuing success....Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Would love to help you come and move! The newest kits are fabulous!


  6. Love the new patterns! And I don't know how much moving would get done if I was helping..probably a lot more just going through everything:) Congrats on the new space!

  7. I love how the 3 boxers all go together. Best contest I ever won and I can't wait to get all 3 stitched up and hanging together! And I wish I lived closer to you, I would help you move in a heartbeat. :) Can't wait to see the new office space.

  8. Congrats Linda, your new kits are wonderful, I love your Poinsietta fabric, it's so nice ♥ and I wish lived near you to help you with your removal (I have made 7 removals in 5 years so ..... LOL), that's great you find a new space with an Italian restaurant, lucky you are

    Cat (from France)