Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Mystery unfolds...

Part 1 of the Things Unseen Mystery Sampler shipped to needlework shops earlier this week!!

Here's a pic from one of Alan's trips to our local post office - it's early morning on the loading dock. We also greeted the UPS man with a smile and a mountain of boxes when he arrived later that afternoon.

Here's our pretty Part 1 Things Unseen cover. Since we used an inspirational saying from Helen Keller, I added some lovely old pictures of Helen. I love the beautiful picture with her smelling the flower. It inspired the new floral thread color we designed for the sampler, Busy Lizzie. The background of the cover is a section of the Part 1 stitching, with some special effects I added on my computer. 

I love designing these covers! I would not be exaggerating to say I tried 100+ ideas before I settled on this one. Choices, I'm working on the cover for Part 2...more choices, of course.

Here's a pic of the Things Unseen Embellishment Pack. This is the first time we've offered an embellishment pack for a mystery sampler, so we wanted to make this really special. We worked with JABCO to create the 2 Helen's Rose buttons (left side). We also included another swirly rosebud button with custom colors from JABCO (lower left).

There are also 5 round mother-of-pearl buttons, and a really special rosy mother-of-pearl heart button. We rounded out the pack with some hand-dyed flower buttons from Hillcreek, and a pinch of iridescent rosy beads (hard to see - I think they slid to the back of pack). 

The embellishment pack will complete the Things Unseen Mystery Sampler, as well as the BONUS design. 

AND...(not to sound like an info-merical here)...we have ONE MORE little surprise to announce. I thought this sampler deserved it's own pin pillow, so I designed a sweet little companion pin pillow. This design will also be included in Part 2. It uses the rose-colored heart-shaped button, and some beads from the embellishment pack. We'll also include a little picture of our finished pin pillow, finishing instructions, and a length of ivory rick-rack to complete your little pillow. (I poked some of my Just Pins from JABCO in my pillow, but these are not included).

Time to start cutting that rick rack for Part 2!


  1. I am waiting (not so patiently) to receive part 1 .... !!!

  2. Beautiful - looking forward to getting mine!

  3. can't wait to see mine in person!!!

  4. Waiting for my package. Since our local shop closed last year, I checked out several places and landed on an Etsy shop run by a former shop owner. She is so very helpful and I think I have found my online shop. Must give a shout out to her, Nancy at Needlecase Goodies. I cannot wait to get my hands on this mystery sampler.

  5. can't wait to get started

  6. This will be so much fun. It's also the first "kitted" design of yours that I've stitched and I'm stalking my postperson. Beautiful photos.

  7. can't wait to receive my kit in the mail and to get started. Love a surprise.

  8. Love this. Started it last Thursday night (as soon as I picked it up from my LNS) and I am loving it. Cant wait to see what part 2 looks like