Monday, November 10, 2014

Mystery mistakes & smart stitcher sleuths!


I got to my computer early this morning with a smile on my face, and a long list of urgent things to do...and I was greeted by a couple emails regarding possible mistakes on the just-released Things Unseen Mystery Sampler - Part One. 

After I resumed breathing, calmed myself and said a prayer of the simple variety "O Lord, help me!" I read the emails. And, of course, these smart stitchers were right!

Yes, even though it's a Mystery Sampler and no one has seen a picture of the completed project, these alert stitchers spotted a couple little errors. Thank goodness they are small, and even if not corrected, would not adversely affect the finished sampler. But, inquiring minds, and stitchers, want to know!

I sent an emergency note to my webmaster, and she posted the corrections on the L*K website. Here they are:

* On the left hand border, the square block stitched in Oscar (next to the word "be") should be 16 stitches (a perfect square) instead of the 12 stitches shown on graph. Refer to the upper left corner block for correct graph. All little "Oscar squares" should be 16 stitches, wherever they appear on the Mystery Sampler.

* The 3rd row contains a row of flowers. On Chart 1 graph, the 1st and 3rd flower straight stitches are incorrectly graphed. They should be stitched like the flowers on stitch illisutration - with all straight stitches pointing towards the center. Refer to the instructions on this stitch illustration for colors for flower petals and flower centers. This correction is only relevant for linen stitchers, not Aida stitchers.

HONESTLY...if I had already finished these little parts, I would not rip them out. I love antique samplers, and they are full of little quirks and inconsistencies. That's what makes them naive, personal and valuable!

WHEW!!! Interestingly enough, my main task for today was to finish the proofing for Part 2. When I called my proofer, Debbie (center in photo) to tell her about the mistakes, she said she was having trouble breathing! I said to "'s just cross stitch". 

This is a running joke between us, because we both truly care about the needlework biz. She is my local needlework shop owner (Heart's Desire in Wichita, KS), and I earn a living as a designer. But years of experience have taught us to do our best, acknowledge that we all make mistakes and roll with it.  Still, uncorrected mistakes can literally make us both gasp!!!

Debbie and I are on our 3rd round of proofing/corrections for Part 2 and we're hopeful to get it right...the first time.

The beautiful Things Unseen Part 2 cover just arrived today! We'll print the insides as soon as proofing is finished, and get to work collating and sacking. When you release these parts every month, the time really flies!

So that's the Mystery update! Many apologies for these little errors, and many thanks to all of you who spotted them.

Tonight's exciting activity? More rick rack cutting for the Part 2 bonus pin pillow. Look out...giant rick rack rolls will be rolling around our floor tonight! If I only had a cat, it would be great entertainment.

We think this little bonus pin pillow is the cutest. I really hope all of you Mystery stitchers enjoy it, too!

Have a great (error-free) week!


  1. Mistakes happen--we are humans and humans make mistakes. Breathe in and stitch on

  2. I thought that's why we call it X stitch!!! :) The Constitution of the United States as well as Downton Abbey also had you're in good company. :) HUGS

  3. We all are human, therefore we err :)
    I see my BFF Sherre in the photo , what a dolly she is!

  4. Can happen....I am busy stitching the second part fot our shop, and i love it very much! Thanks for this great design.