Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Things Unseen Mystery Threads Revealed!

Mystery Sampler Update!

It's finally here...the much-awaited Things Unseen sneak peek thread pack photo! We're really excited to share this lovely color palette with all of you mystery lovers. Look carefully and you'll see a sneak peek of some of our very special embellishments, too.

Can the sampler sleuths identify our new Weeks Dye Works overdyed thread color? We had it dyed especially for this sampler, and it's making it's debut in our Things Unseen thread pack. The pretty new color is called Busy Lizzie. 

BTW...the new Busy Lizzie WDW thread will not be available (outside of our Things Unseen Mystery Sampler thread pack) until Feb. 28, 2014. If you're joining our mystery adventure, you'll want to purchase the thread pack, even if you have a good palette of WDW in your stash. The sampler is large, and will use a lot of thread...not to mention the bonus design (and another little surprise coming with Part 2).

Our early order deadline for needlework shops is October 10, so please contact your favorite shop to place your pre-order ASAP. This will help us communicate with our awesome suppliers (thread, fabric, embellishments) and make sure we have enough supplies when it's time to ship Part 1 to shops on November 3.

In case you've missed some of the Things Unseen Mystery Sampler scoop, here's a review below. You can also scroll back a few blog posts and read everything.

THINGS UNSEEN Mystery Sampler

* We began with a lovely quote from Helen Keller. I'm enjoying reading more about her while I'm working on this project...what an inspirational woman!

* 3 part series will ship in early November, December and January - perfect for holiday stitching and gifting (maybe for yourself?)

* Stitch count for Things Unseen is 165W x 205H.

* Things Unseen is stitched on lovely Wren linen, from Picture This Plus. We'll have 4 fabric options...28 and 32 ct. Wren linen, as well as 14 and 16 ct. Wren Aida. All fabrics are precut with a 3" border on all sides, serged, labeled and packaged.

* Things Unseen thread pack has 14 skeins of Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads, including our exclusive new color, Busy Lizzie (pictured above!). There are several multiples in this pack (in addition to new color), so we recommend our convenient thread pack.

* There's also a BONUS design that will be revealed in 3 parts - a bit with each monthly shipment. BONUS design stitch count is 165W x 34H. BONUS design is stitched with the same threads as Things Unseen, so choose an appropriate fabric and customize your BONUS project. We used pretty Earthen linen from PTP (it's a rosy beige color). Our Embellishment Pack includes goodies for this BONUS design.

* Things Unseen Embellishment Pack! We've never done a separate embellishment pack for a Mystery Sampler, but this one is super special so we're pulling out all the stops (and embellishments!) for this one. We've collaborated with the ladies at Just Another Button Company to design some lovely, sampler-worthy buttons. We named our new button "Helen's Rose". Pack includes a host of other goodies...mother-of-pearl buttons, hand-dyed buttons, beads, etc. Pack includes includes embellishment for Things Unseen, BONUS pattern and ??? (another surprise with Part 2).

This is one of my favorite pictures of Helen Keller. Helen's love of flowers inspired some of the sampler motifs, as well as the new WDW thread color and our new "Helen's rose" button from Just Another Button Company.

Here's our little Part 1 assembly line currently taking up space in our family room. The covers aren't here yet, but we're busy collating the 3 pages. 

And here are the finished Part 1 collated pages, which have invaded our dining room. It seems the Things Unseen Mystery Sampler project is taking up residence in our residence...not just the office! Wonder where the elves will be working once we get to the really labor intensive parts...assembling thread packs and embellishments packs?!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our wonderful partners on this project. We're working with the great people at Weeks Dye Works (threads), Picture This Plus (linen and Aida fabric), Just Another Button Company (Helen's rose buttons), Hillcreek Designs (hand-dyed buttons) and Kelmscott Designs (beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons - 2 shapes!).

Happy Mystery, everyone!


  1. Gorgeous colours!!!
    I've already made my order...can't wait!!!

  2. can't wait to start the Mystery, looks great, love the colors

  3. I can't wait to get this! I will actually be in Wichita during the first week of November, and of course my mother and I will make our traditional trip to Heart's Desire! I think I will pick this up while I'm there. It will be special to buy it in Wichita!