Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The secret is out...we're doing another Mystery Sampler! It's called Things Unseen, which we think is the perfect name for a Mystery Sampler. It's a year-round design with beautiful "heart" felt words to live by...any day...all seasons...all year long.

We're SO excited to share the details with you. Here's all the sneak peek scoop!

THINGS UNSEEN Mystery Sampler 

* We used a lovely quotation from Helen Keller. (I'm busy reading/studying more about Helen's fascinating life and looking forward to sharing some of that. She was certainly an inspirational, remarkable woman!) This isn't a seasonal sampler, so you can enjoy it all year long!

* 3-part series will ship in early November, December and January - perfect for holiday stitching and gifting (maybe for yourself?!)

* Stitch Count for Spooked! is .

* Things Unseen is stitched on lovely Wren linen, from Picture This Plus. We'll have 4 fabric options...28 and 32 ct. Wren linen, as well as 14 and 16 ct. Wren Aida. All fabrics are precut with 3" border on all sides, serged, and individually packaged. You are certainly welcome to choose your own fabric, too! We're offering precut fabric as an option.

* Our thread pack has 13 skeins of Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads, including an exclusive new color we requested especially for this sampler. It's not named yet...we'll reveal that in a future post

* There's also a BONUS design that will be revealed in 3 parts - a bit with each monthly shipment. BONUS design stitch count is 165W x 34H. BONUS design is stitched with the same threads as Things Unseen, so choose your favorite fabric accordingly and customize your BONUS project. Our Embellishment Pack includes goodies for this BONUS design.

* Things Unseen Embellishment Pack! We've never done a separate embellishment pack for a Mystery Sampler, but we're pulling out all the stops (and embellishments!) for this one. We've collaborated with the gals at Just Another Company for some lovely, sampler-worthy buttons. We named our new floral button "Helen's Rose". Pack also includes a host of other goodies...mother-of-pearl buttons, hand-dyed buttons, beads, etc. Pack includes embellishments for Things Unseen, BONUS pattern and ???? (maybe another surprise).

This is one of my favorite pictures of Helen Keller. This was an inspiration for our exclusive new button, which we've named "Helen's rose". The beautiful flowers in this picture also inspired our lovely new "mystery" overdyed thread color from WDW, Busy Lizzie.  

Do you remember studying Helen Keller in school? I remember reading The Story of My Life, and watching the film The Miracle Worker (photo above, starring Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke). I'm sure I learned a lot more about her life in school, but alas, have forgotten much. 

Now I'm busy re-educating myself about the fascinating, diverse and sometimes controversial life of Helen Keller. She was a world-famous speaker and author. Not only was she an advocate for people with disabilities, she was a suffragist, a pacifist and a radical socialist...who knew? Helen met every US President from Grover Cleveland to Lyndon Johnson, and was friends with many famous figures. More later...

You're ALL invited to join our Things Unseen Mystery Sampler Club! We've mailed info and order forms to needlework shops around the world. Just contact your favorite needlework supplier for pricing and pre-order info. 

We'll be blogging soon with behind-the-scenes looks at the whole mystery sampler process, including our awesome suppliers/partners at Weeks Dye Works, Picture This Plus, and Just Another Button Company, and (of course) the busy goings-on at Lizzie*Kate. It's truly takes a village to put one of these projects together, and we want you to know how it happens...step by we unfold this mystery together.

Mysteriously yours, 


  1. I'm signed up and ready to stitch!

  2. I'm so excited!! I'll definitely be stitching along! I love Helen Keller, too.

  3. While I love the Hearts and Holly Mystery Sampler, I did not stitch it until all the parts were available and I could see what the finished piece looked like. I will do the same with this one.

  4. I'm just now getting around to finishing the Halloween mystery sampler, and it's turning out very nicely. I think I've got the Helen Keller quote figured out, and if I'm right, I will definitely be stitching this one as well!

  5. Silly question I have - how do I join Things Unseen Mystery Sampler Club?

  6. I am looking forward to stitching this sampler... You stated that the threads are the same for the mystery and bonus designs.... will there be enough thread in the thread pack to stitch both designs? or do we need to purchase additional threads? thanks.. :)