Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My iphone Mystery!

Last time I got a new cell phone, I couldn't decide on a new case. What color...what pattern...serious, silly, whatever??? 

So I chose a (very cheap) CLEAR one and I've been playing with paper and scissors ever since! I change out my phone cover frequently, using bits of scrapbook paper, images I create on my computer, bits of this and that, whatever seems timely and fun.

My new cover is so pretty, I want to share it with you. You've all probably seen the Things Unseen Mystery Sampler promo card already, but here it is in my phone....strategically resting on another area of our Things Unseen Mystery Sampler.

This is one of my favorite areas of the sampler...beautiful colors and lots of little critter motifs. It's always tricky to decide which areas to show on SNEAK PEEK pics, and I couldn't resist sharing a bit of this section.

Need more info on Things Unseen Mystery Sampler? See previous post for all the scoop! Contact your favorite needlework shop for pre-order info.

I've been working on this project for many MONTHS now. Every week, there's a different task. This week I'm working on the printed material for Part 1. I've designed a pretty cover on my computer ...and redesigned and redesigned over and over again. I think I've tweaked it enough?!

As I work on a project, I accumulate paperwork, supplies, stitching...it all gets thrown in a basket and carted around. I realized today that my basket has an impressive amount of paperwork categorized and clipped together. Pretty clips are my best strategy for happy organization :)

Part 1 of Things Unseen will come with 3 pages of printed materials, in addition to the cover.Page One will have important info you need to keep for the entire sampler including stitching instructions and color key with symbols. 

Page Two will have the chart for the first part of Things Unseen. It's the upper left section of the design. There are instructions for how to link this section to Parts 2 and 3. Page Two also includes instructions for embellishment placement on the first section. You can attach embellishments as you go (you'll need the optional embellishment pack) or attach them all at the end (my preference).

Page Three will have a couple stitch diagrams (2 easy specialty stitches) and alternate instructions for those stitching on Aida. Page Three will also have the 1st section of the BONUS design. The BONUS design unfolds horizontally, so you'll link the second part to the right of the first part.

WHEW!  So many details to wrestle and keep straight. I'm taking a whole pile of Things Unseen Mystery Sampler paperwork to my local needlework shop (Heart's Desire in Wichita, KS) for proofing this afternoon.  But, maybe a few more changes before I go....

On an unrelated note...here's the daily garden haul. Lots of cherry tomatoes, Romas and jalapenos...regular tomatoes and big peppers are still MIA. I've been roasting and freezing lots of tomatoes which will reappear in yummy things this winter.



  1. Nice harvest: new cover, and vegetables:-)

  2. One of my favorite things this summer has been cherry or grape tomatoes halved, sprinkled with basil, olive oil, salt, then little bits of fresh mozzarella. Can hardly wait for them to sit just a little while!