Monday, March 24, 2014

When do you need "A Little Beach"

When? Maybe NOW.... after a long, cold, dreary winter like this one! we can't magically transport you to a sandy, warm beach (sure wish we could!) But we can offer some cozy beach-y images in stitches - swim suits optional!

We just shipped some new goodies to shops last week, and this kit is already getting lots of re-orders. Even here in land-locked Kansas, the very idea of a beach warms my heart...and my toes.

A Little Beach kit includes 30 ct. natural (sandy-lookin') linen, chart, antique gold starfish charm and some really pretty "Bahama blue" aqua beads.

This kit is a companion to the other Little kits...A Little Love, A Little Easter (still time for this one before the bunny arrives), A Little Liberty, A Little Christmas and A Little Snow. Check them all out at

Since I don't have easy access to a nearby beach, I'm trying to remember some beaches I have visited, and maybe choose a favorite. I've been to beaches in the US and outside the US, but probably my favorite beach-y experience was visiting the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos. Stunning!

And while I'm thinking of Mykonos (hey, my mind is wandering), I recall one of my favorite beach-y scenes in the Bourne Identity movie. My husband and I love the Bourne trilogy of movies, so I gave him the set a couple years ago.

For you Jason Bourne it Matt Damon, or just the non-stop adventure that makes us watch these again and again? Do you remember the final scene in the Bourne Identity...when Matt miraculously survives his numerous adventures and he returns to surprise his girlfriend Marie at a beach bike shop? Yup, that scene was shot in Mykonos, in the Little Venice area pictured above. 

It's a great romantic end to the movie, and that's how I like my movies to end. Never mind that Marie is shot by an assassin early in the 2nd Bourne movie. OOPS - spoiler!

Want to share your favorite beach/beachy experience? Leave a comment below!

Or maybe you share my affection for Matt Damon and those adrenaline-packed Bourne movies. Leave a comment below!


  1. My favourite beach moment is sittng on the verandah of our beach house watching a stormy sea with rain coming down and stitching as my husband dozed. It was a big holiday and we had stretched our resources to go to the Maldives. Magical!

  2. I love the beaches in St Marteen. I also LOVE Matt Damon .. . . . . . .in anything. I especially like the banter between Matt and Jimmy Kimmel as Jimmy always runs out of time for Matt on the show

  3. I love this new pattern! This would be a great gift to stitch for my mother in law! MY favorite beach moment was a few years ago when we took our sons, daughter in law and granddaughter to Florida for a family vacation. It was the time of our lives!

  4. I love the beach at the OUter Banks in the Fall - after most tourists have left. But for the dead of winter, I admit I enjoy the beaches in Mexico - warm enough to bake away the winter cold.

  5. I *personally* have been loving your "little" kits and have stitched 4 of them since January! I will be getting my little beach today! LOVE IT!

  6. Great new pattern. And my favourite beach is Noordwijk (that in Holland/Netherlands). Its a beach I frequented with my favourite dutch aunt, who also got me started on stitching. Lets hope the warmer weather comes soon.

  7. Very cute pattern! Just the thing to get people thinking about warmer weather :)

  8. What a sweet and cute new design :)
    Loving the Matt Damon pic as well!! :0)

  9. Linda,
    Thank you so much for your inspirational designs! I have purchased so many in the past. Just recently, I purchased your 2 new kits - Do your Best and Song of Spring. I also ordered 2 of your 4 season's charts. My local needlework shop keeper - Patsy stated that my order inspired/got other customers in trouble after seeing your designs.

    I just wanted to thank you for faith designs that are colorful, fun and exciting to look at and at the same time give hope.

    I just recently finished the Snowmen and finished the Snow Belles around Christmas. As soon as I complete these as pillows - I will send you a picture.

    Thanks again for your lovely designs,
    Regina in Greensboro, NC
    Shout out to Patsy at Stitchpoint!!