Monday, March 10, 2014

Part 1 Inspiration Contest is CLOSED!

Part 1 is DONE!  The deadline for submission was midnight yesterday, so this portion of the contest is finished. No more saying submissions will be accepted.

Now the real fun/work begins! We'll spend a few days sorting through the HUNDREDS of wonderful suggestions you all sent us. Decisions, decisions...this is going to be tough!

As soon as we select our Top 10 favorites, we'll post them and the voting period will begin. Stay tuned!!!

Meanwhile, back at L*K headquarters, wanted to share with you the lovely SPRING that is happening inside!  

A couple weeks ago I received a mysterious BIG package in the mail. After lots of unwrapping, bubble wrap and styrofoam popcorn, I uncovered a wooden bowl full of potted flower bulbs. Included were instructions on how to water the box and get things growing.

I have a really sunny office window (translation: sometimes cooks unsuspecting plants) so I watered and waited. The growing process was much faster than I anticipated, and a couple weeks later my office looks and smells like springtime!

Many thanks to my thoughtful friend, Judy Whitman, from JBW Designs. She sent me this lovely arrangement as thanks for helping in her booth at the recent Nashville Needlework Market. Judy was unable to attend because of a recent hip replacement, so several designers (and her good friend, Connie) pitched in to help.  

Judy is recovering nicely in sunny Florida now (she escaped from snowy lady!). I think these spring flowers are the perfect gift. And maybe they have some magical powers, because the high today in Wichita is supposed to be 75 degrees...believe it!  

Have a great week and stay tuned for Part 2 of our Inspiration Saying contest coming soon!


  1. Love the flowers! So beautiful!! Best wishes to Judy for a quick her designs too!


  2. Oh those flowers are wonderful - Springtime in a bowl!!

  3. What a beautiful flower arrangement. It looks like spring!!

  4. Lovely lovely flowers... My daffodils are blooming too!