Friday, March 28, 2014

More newbies!

We already told you about our new kit "A Little Beach" in the last post. Evidently, a lot of you are in the mood for A Little Beach because they're floating outta here! My awesome part-time helper, Carmen, is making them every time she comes in.

Here are the rest of the new goodies we shipped to needlework shops last week. As always, if your favorite shop doesn't have these in stock, please ask them to order for you.

#163 Be Who You Are 
This is a super saying from our friend, Dr. Seuss. It's a pretty large piece, but a really quick stitch. I stitched the model in a couple evenings...and that's with some taking stitches out/returning to computer to change design/redoing sections. And that's why I stitch all of my own original models...designing still occurs during the stitching process!

F140 Autumn, F141 Winter 4 Seasons Flip-it
The Autumn and Winter parts of the 4 Seasons Flip-it series are now available, so that completes the 4 part group. These designs are unusually large for Flip-its, so they're a good value with lots of fun motifs and colorful stitching for each season.

A cool option is to stitch all 4 Seasons together. Just visit our website to get the template, FREE border and complete instructions for combining all 4 parts...super easy and a great year-round project.

B47 If We Pray Inspiration Boxer
The final newbie is another Inspiration Boxer with a wonderful saying from Mother Theresa. I have done several of her sayings in this series, and they continue to inspire me. Boxer includes 30 ct. natural line, bonus project "Sow kindness" and embellishments for both projects.

Here's a little Friday bonus...just to see if anyone is still reading! We're building a house...very SLOWLY...but after 3+ months of looking at dirt and a porta potty, we now have some lower level walls and floor.

Pretty exciting stuff! We've never built a house before, so I guess now's the time to learn. We're working with a wonderful, flexible builder and so far, so good. Will keep you posted in pics as we progress. If anyone of you have home-building wisdom to share with us, we'll gladly take it.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


  1. I love the newest releases but then I always fall in love with your designs!

    We built our house 10 years ago. So much stress with all the planning and coordinating and making sure everything happens when it is supposed to. But...having said that, it was an exciting time and I would not have traded it for anything! We are still in love with where we live now!


  2. Ooh, how exciting to be building a new house!

    Love your new designs - I wish I could stitch half as fast as you (I don't think I would have been able to finish that Dr. Seuss saying in just a couple of evenings!) I can totally understand why you like to stitch all your own models - I do as well because you end up making so many changes along the way... I just wish I was faster :o)

  3. Like the new Dr. Seuss verse chart!

    Good luck with the new home construction! Make sure you have hook ups for water (as in hoses) front, back and side so you don't have to run hoses and/or extended hoses all over to water plants, gardens, yard.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Best wishes on your new venture! Building a home allows you to have exactly what you want and what works for you. Just be patient, sometimes deadlines aren't met but it will be worth it in the end. :)

  5. Speed is not everything! My speed was super in my 20s, but as I grew older and perhaps wiser, I looked for the good in my pieces and realized that people enjoyed pieces that I gave as gifts and that I could pay attention to having things look good rather than being as fast as some folks can be. We're all wonderful! Cross stitch is so good for me that I finally got a compliment from my own mother, who criticised me entire life. Rather than use my 28 count fabric to stitch over two stitches --- I used a magnifier to stitch over every stitch on two aprons, one my creation totally. She thought I had them done in a print shop just for her! When I told her that I stitched them, she said "Oh, honey thery're so perfect. Look at the tiny stitches!". There it was -- success at last.