Monday, August 27, 2012

Spooky Part 3, OR so long, summer!

If we're shipping Part 3 of the Very Scary Mystery Sampler, I guess the summer must be almost over! When we agreed to the project, shipping 3 parts in 3 months didn't seems that demanding. But, thanks to your awesome response, it's been a BIG job!

Below are the boxes fresh from the printer...actually printerS (plural). We use one printer to do the black/white stuff on the left, and we selected a couple new colors of the pretty parchment paper. Another local printer does the color cover work for us, in the box on the right.

Those boxes may not look intimidating, but it was a BUSY weekend getting them collated, assembled and sacked into the beautiful bins you see in the pic below...and that wasn't everything. In order to beat monotony, we set up tables in our family room and watched some movies. 

Has anyone seen the Hatfields and McCoy's mini-series on the History channel? That's one of the things we watched while we were sacking.'s a wonder anyone lived to tell the story with all those gun-toting guys. Who knew the whole thing started over a pig?! Kevin Costner starred in the series, and even though he was really grizzly and a hillbilly to boot, he made the sacking go a little smoother and put a smile on my face.

Alan put Part 3 into big boxes and the always friendly UPS guy had to use his dolly for this shipment. We ran out of sacks (oops) and had to finish shipping on the following 2 days.'s a genuine needlework emergency when you run out of 6" x 9" sacks. Thank goodness for overnight shipping!

If you're waiting for Part 3 to complete your Very Scary Sampler, or just waiting to see Part 3 before you begin, just hang on a little longer!  It's COMING!!!


  1. If you liked Hatfields and McCoys you might enjoy the new series on BBC. Copper, it's about cops in the late 1800's in NYC. So far, very well done and interesting. Not all about shooting etc, but how they did detective work back when there wasn't all the technology!

  2. I can't wait to get part 3. Thank you for this great project, it has been great fun. I hope you will consider doing something like this again. I know it has probably been a lot of work on you end but it has been great fun for me. Thank you again for all your hard work.

  3. I loved the H&M the first time around. Thought Mare did a fine job, too. Thanks, Nancy M for the Copper suggestion. I'll check it out!