Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lizzie to the rescue!!!

In our July 20 post we talked about the mysterious "missing" freebies in the recently released Part 2 of the Very Scary Mystery Sampler. DON"T panic!  We solved our own little "mystery" and fixed the situation before it got to shops and all of you!

Way back in 1996 when I began Lizzie*Kate (and named it after our daughters), we kept the kids busy with L*K assembly. I remember that very first summer, recruiting the neighborhood kids to sack charts and donating money to their little clubhouse fund. Then they got older, and L*K grew, and...hmmmm....we're still sacking those charts! Sarah "Lizzie" and Ali"Kate" grew up and moved away - darn! The pic above shows the girls in our old back room - hard to believe that every chart had it's own big box back then...and all we had was chartpaks (no Snippets, Flip-its, Quick-its and all that)!

So when I realized we had a bonafide "cross stitch emergency" on our hands last week, I called Sarah "Lizzie" to rescue us. The giant boxes of charts were arriving at Norden in Chicago, and conveniently, Sarah and husband Jeff moved to the windy city 3 weeks ago!

Sarah made the 45 minute drive to Schaumburg to pick up the charts and freebies (I shipped them as soon as I realized the omission) and took them home to reassemble. Her normally semi-social cat Penny took a real interest in this new activity. She usually restricts her artistic endeavors to walking through Sarah's still-wet old paints. 

Many hours and lots of driving time later...mission accomplished! Here's a pic of Sarah and Katy Fong at Norden, smiling after we averted disaster. Check out the bins of corrected charts and beautiful carrot linen behind them. It's hard to remember, but many years ago Sarah and Katy were some of the "kids" running around Needlework Market, trying to help in their parent's booths.

Here's a cute pic I took at my LNS, Heart's Desire in Wichita. I told Debbie she could display the finished model, if she was able to securely hide the unreleased portions. She concocted this little display on her checkout counter, posting brown paper over the mystery parts with the ominous message..."To the person who dares to have been warned!"  Debbie hasn't caught anyone peeking under the brown paper...yet. Today she should receive Part 2 in the mail...time to unveil a little more!


  1. I love the part about your daughter's cat. Mine always decides to sit in my lap while I'm stitching, and she lives getting in trouble with my floss :) Debbie's warning is too cute! I can't wait to see the other parts unveiled.

  2. It is such a sweet story...I love the warning so much...
    I am very excited..busy stitching part one and I put the progress on my blog too last night..I enjoy stitching every stitch of it;)
    Thank you
    Hugs cucki xxxx