Friday, August 10, 2012

Bring on the Belles!

It's been one of THOSE weeks! A zillion things on my calendar, I'm running to and fro, and somehow fitting urgent work in the oddly timed spaces in between!

And still, it's been a great, productive week! At L*K, we're busy readying for next week's BIG holiday product release. The piles of inventory are getting larger and I'll be setting up our little assembly line to pack orders later this afternoon. Can you spot the upcoming products? That's a tower of Boxers in the back, chartpaks in the middle and embellishment packs for Tiny Tidings XVII and Santa '12 in front.

I'm definitely not taking any pics of the new products cluttering our family room and kitchen. Assembly happens and it's not always pretty! There's a lot of back and forth between the house and the office. 

Yesterday I visited the printer to do a final press check on the 6 Snow Belles. Here's a pic of the happy printer showing the whole press sheet. I'm fortunate to have the same pressman on most of my jobs, and he says I'm the only one who takes his picture! Look closely and you can see all 6 Snow Belles, and their matching bookmarks running across the top of the press sheet. Today the Belles are chillin' out in the bindery, getting cut (ouch) and folded (oh!) and stacked into boxes. I'm expecting a late afternoon delivery!

Here's a closeup of the Belle's border and logo. I added a lacy border top and bottom on all the Snow Belle designs, just so you can tell the guys from the gals at a glance!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I think we've got a bit of SNOW in our weekend plans!


  1. I cannot wait to see the Snow Belles in all their wintery glory, especially in this heat :)


  2. I'm thrilled to death! I am stitching the 6 Fat Men right now. I have 4 of the six finished. Will there be a border for the Snow Belles so they can all be stitched together or will the one on your website be for both? I hope to see pictures soon. I'm also stitching the Summer Mystery!

  3. I can't wait to see all of the new releases!

  4. So excited, can't wait to get mine!

  5. All your work is really exciting for us! At a distant, it looks like the pressman's name is Fat-as in Men (I'm guessing it's really Pat).

  6. Looks like you will be very busy!!