Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I just returned from a long girlfriend weekend in lovely Savannah.  I've wanted to visit Savannah for a LONG time, so when I had the opportunity to go, I WENT!

Savannah didn't disappoint!  The beautiful old homes and buildings in the historic district and the neighboring Victorian area were stunning. We managed to fit in a lot of activities, and still work around my slightly diminished walking ability with my recovering knee (thanks, dear friends!).

Between the 4 of us, we took a zillion photos, but here are a few of my photo highlights!

We were delighted with our brownstone we rented (Thanks, Glenna!), right in the heart of the historic district. There was a really famous restaurant tucked next door, nearly at the bottom of our staircase, called Mrs. Wilke's Boardinghouse. The first day, we were baffled at the line forming outside our front door!

Yes, it's the beautiful church from the movie Forrest Gump where the wandering feather floated down and down and down...and landed in the pretty park next door.

We toured 4 historic homes (loved them all) including the Mercer Williams Home. You might recognize this gorgeous beauty from the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". Another house we enjoyed was the Juliette Gordon Low house. You former Brownies and Girl Scouts will remember Juliette as our beloved founder. Who knew her nickname was "Daisy"? Suddenly I understood why those cookies are called "Savannahs"!!

We drove to beautiful Tybee Island, where we played on the beach in the unseasonably warm temps and visited this lighthouse.

We "Kansas girls" were fascinated by the abundance of real Spanish moss, dripping from the live oak trees. It was the first time I'd seen Spanish moss, outside of the bag from Hobby Lobby!

We ate outdoors whenever possible...what a treat!

Last, but not least, a photo of my new passion - chocolate PRALINES! These sweet treats combined 2 of my favorite flavors...chocolate and brown-sugary goodness. I won't post how many times we visited the Savannah Candy Kitchen to restock, but I had to photo this one before it disappeared!

Thanks to Glenna, Cheryl and Julie for an unforgettable weekend in sunny Savannah! WARNING to husbands...we're already plotting our next adventure!


  1. Great time of year to visit. Glad you had a splendid time.

  2. Loved the photos and enjoyed the trip very much!

  3. Being from the lowcountry of South Carolina, Savannah is may favorite city! So glad you had a good time and hope you enjoyed the hot weather....