Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Makin' the Bacon BLOG CONTEST!!

Doesn't the word BACON just make you smile? Everyone is always asking me where I get the inspiration for my L*K designs. Honestly, sometimes it arrives in the strangest ways. As I was in the breakfast buffet line at our recent Nashville Needlework Market, I tried to cruise right past that giant tray of extra-crispy BACON...but it was impossible!  A few yummy pieces jumped onto my plate, next to the healthy fruit and mini veggie omelette. How did that happen? Whatever...that BACON was super salty, crunchy and all-around tasty!

Which got me thinking...I should do a BACON themed design...or maybe 3 or 4. I've done designs about chocolate, coffee and tea...so BACON was a natural...right? Sort of the 4th in the L*K food group series! So I rounded up some fun BACON sayings and got to work designing and stitching models. I have to say, I was smiling my way through this marathon round of speedy BACON model stitching!

We'll be shipping the new BACON BITS chartpak next Monday, along with other new L*K designs. We haven't got it back from the printer yet, but here's a computer printout of the cover. We did the whole retro kitchen look with a red-checked tablecloth, plate and fork...I love doing this stuff!

When I went to the photographer to shoot the group last week. we gathered up a bunch of fun retro kitchen things. I brought my grandmother's iron skillet (and we added real BACON). Steve contributed some other cool props - this antique flour scoop....

and this ultra-cool antique egg weigher - check it out on the left of the photo below. I tacked one of the designs on an apron I already had for a fun finish.

So, we're having so much BACON fun, we decided to have a BACON BLOG CONTEST!  To enter, just leave a comment with your favorite BACON-y food, or a (short) memorable bacon story. Don't forget to include your email address so we can contact you if you are a winner. All the details and prizes are detailed below!

Show us your BACON pride and enter now!  We're achin' for more BACON!

6 Bacon Bits Chartpaks and surprise BACON goodies!

How to Enter: Leave a comment on this page and tell us your favorite bacon related food or story.
Required: You must include your email address in the comment form. I'll need it to contact you should you win.
Deadline: Fri., April 20, 2012 at 11:59PM Central Time

The Fine Print: No purchase necessary to enter. One entry per person. Winner will be selected at random by Lizzie*Kate using random.org. All entries received after the giveaway closing day and time will not be considered. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If the winners do not reply within 48 hours, another winner(s) will be selected. Giveaways will be mailed to the winners' homes.


  1. Give me a BLT and call me happy.

    Thank you for the contest.


    shhhh.....don't tell anyone but I use Turkey Bacon. :)


  2. I don't have a personal bacon story but I Love the commercial with the dog bouncing down the street say "Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, gotta get me some bacon" It cracks me up every time.

  3. I love bacon. I will cook a whole package and put in on one sandwich with mayo. If I eat it with eggs, etc. I dip it in jelly.
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway.



  4. It isn't unique but bacon extra crispy (none of the limp stuff for me)along with scrambled eggs and cheese served up in a flour tortilla or sub roll!

    Looking forward to seeing your new releases!

    Robin in Virginia
    rlbrowninva @ gmail . com (close spaces)

  5. Have you ever read Dreamcatcher by Stephen King? The nasty alien has a hankering for bacon :)
    Thanks for the chance!

  6. I don't have a bacon story to tell but my DH loves bacon. So does my grandson. In fact, as I'm typing this I think of the little guy sitting on my lap and saying What's that over there?" When I look he will steal a piece of bacon of my plate! LOL!


  7. I love bacon but my favorite bacon item is peanut butter toast with bacon. Most people find it gross but it is delicious. I think its the whole salty/sweet thing.

    Jennifer in MO

  8. My friend Rachel made bacon banana bread last autumn for a bacon fanatic friend...definitely different!!

    Courtney in Michigan

  9. Hmmm...I have so many bacon stories how would I pick just one?

    Let's try this one:

    While in college, I would occasionally take the big ol'greyhound home to small town Manitoba to visit my family for the weekend. I was the oldest so it was always a big deal when I came home.

    One of my favourite memories of one of these trips, is us watching Hockey Night in Canada, it's blizzarding outside, and there is my dad, sitting on the couch with his electric fry pan sitting on the coffee table, big orange extension cord running to the kitchen, and he's frying bacon so we can have BTs (no lettuce, just bacon and tomato) during the between period intermissions. Yep...good times.

    I love bacon!

    1. That there is funny!! I have liked hockey since I was a kid, but when we moved to Maine and started watching hockey on CBC and I fell in love with Don Cherry! I can imagine that is a awesome family memory.

  10. Thank you so much for the chance! What an awesome contest! :)

    I have two bacon type foods that I absolutely adore. One is bacon wrapped filet mingnon and the other is when the bacon winds up in a pool of melted butter and syrup on a plate of pancakes. Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, IMO! :)

    Archangeldecker @ Gmail. com

  11. I love a skinny Elvis. It is toast, bacon, peanut butter and bananas.

    Thanks for the chance.


  12. I have a great recipe for Broccoli salad from a friend.

    It calls for 10 strips of crumbled bacon (or something like that). When I made the recipe the first time & left the kitchen, momentarily, my 4-year-old son ate ALL of the bacon!

    When I needed the recipe again, having misplaced it, the new version from friend Kristi called for one lb of bacon - enough for the recipe & Evan!

    I still chuckle over that when I make the recipe ... Evan is 20 now, & we still don't trust him around any bacon.

  13. Every time. and I mean EVERY TIME someone mentions bacon, the song Timon and Pumba sing in the Lion King goes through my head.

    Are you achin'.. for some bacon? He's a big pig! and you can be a big pig too HOO!

    Please enter me :)

    mauhikan @ gmail.com ! :D

  14. We love bacon around my house, don't know too many who don't. We are always on the look out for out of the ordinary things with bacon. Fox news used to do bacon stories on Sunday, bacon lip balm, candles and even bacon donuts with a cream filling using bacon drippings; YUM! But most recently my husband sent me the news link about a company that has designed a bacon coffin. My husband did ponder the thought of the great bacon smell imitating from the crematorium! He is not right, but I love him.

    Very cute design idea, would love to be included in your giveaway.

  15. Bacon with biscuits or BLTs with fresh tomatoes! Please choose me for your giveaway!!!! krrreld-1@yahoo.com

  16. Oops I forgot my email address...can I try that again?

    first my email so I don't forget again: yukonviv@gmail.com

    next a story...Apparently my love of bacon is well known to those who know me. We had an adjudicator come in for a week of hearings...I did all the administrative stuff...at the end of the week she came up to thank me for all my hard work and handed me a present. What was inside? Bacon flavoured microwaveable popcorn. Yep...bacon flavoured. Who knew I talked about bacon that much?

    Thanks for the chance, Vivian

  17. There isn't anything better than making a BLT with lettuce and tomatoes from your garden with Miracle Whip of course...YUMMY!!!

    Hugs, Shar

  18. I started to salivate just reading the title of your blog entry! I keep a package of Canadian Bacon on hand at all time in case I have an Eggs Benedict Emergency (EBE). We always have it for Christmas and Easter Brunch after Church. Everyone gets two and some of the men get three. We have it down to a science - but also include fresh fruit, hash browns and extra sausage and regular bacon. Yes, we sit and listen to our arteries snap shut as we eat!!!!
    I'd love to win the giveaway!
    claudia - calenarz@gmail.com

  19. So this may sound really weird but, in Portland OR there is a donut shop that specializes in odd combo's for their selections and one of my favorites is the maple, bacon bar........maple bar with a real slice of bacon on top

    thanks for your great creations LK as they are also my favorites

    Diane R----ibtweetyfan@aol.com

  20. I haven't had Bacon and Water Chestnut Appetizers for years...but just thinking about them makes me want some!


  21. At the brunch following our wedding one of our guests took so much bacon from the buffet that the whole family still talks about it. (We were married over 10 years ago.) "Now who is so and so?" auntie will ask. "Is she the one who took all the bacon?" Then Sissy will say, "You should have seen the pile of bacon that was on her plate!" And mom will chime in, "It was a mountain of bacon on a plate!" I must say I sympathize with the bacon-taker. That stuff is so good. :)

  22. Hi Linda,
    Around our house we call them 'BAMM' sandwiches~BACON and MATOR, Miracle Whip, only b/c I usually don't have any lettuce for a BLT. Hey, I'm from Kentucky and we have our own lingo here~ LOL!!
    Sounds like fun~please include me in! Thanks a bunch!


  23. Thanks for another fun giveaway. I'm not sure about a funny story - maybe how much bacon can someone eat... We love bacon and any recipe it can be added to.

  24. On my last birthday a good friend bought me a large chocolate bar that was infused with bacon. I think 8 of us shared the tasting. I liked it! Out of the tasting group, some did, some didn't. I liked the salty/sweet combo. But then again, the margaritas along with the chocolate probably helped! : )


  25. Is there really anything bacon isn't good on?!?!? But some of the best bacon comes from Loveless Cafe in Nashville...hope you've been able to sample some when you're there for market!

  26. Believe it or not, my favorite bacon related food is Spanish Rice. I know it sounds odd, but I have a Spanish Rice recipe in one of my cookbooks that is garnished with bacon. Yummy! I also love BLT sandwiches...

  27. Bacon and tomato quiche! My favourite!

    Great giveaway, thanks!

    bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

  28. What will you think of next! I love it! My daughter is a pastry chef and makes huge beautiful chocolate chip cookies with real bacon in them. People come from all over the place to get them at her shop. I think I need to win so I can create an apron just for her. Charlene in Phoenix, Arizona(paracletedesigns@gmail.com)

  29. Hmmm ... I think my favorite would be bacon with waffles (maple syrup is my preference), with a BLT (with the original Miracle Whip, yum!) coming in a very close second.

    I do also absolutely *love* Eggs Benedict, and Ham & Pineapple on pizza (also known as a Hawaiian pizza), but personally, I think Canadian bacon is much closer to being ham than bacon.

    Please click to send me an email or mouse-over that link to view my email address. My apologies if an email address hyperlink isn't acceptable for a contest entry, but entering an email address directly makes it too easy for SPAMMERs and other types of unscrupulous people to obtain it. Please Note: I am not saying, and do not believe, that anyone commenting here so far is among those unscrupulous SPAMMER types; however, such individuals do run searches in blog comments to find email addresses.

    For anyone wondering how to make an email address hyperlink, the instructions I referred to are available here: http://hyperlinkcode.com/email-address-hyperlink.php

    Thank you for your generosity, Linda! :)


  30. My husband's assistant loves bacon but limits it to once a month :) ~ I'd love to stich these bacon sayings for her!

  31. Thanks for the chance!
    I used to volunteer at a teen retreat, and bacon was always popular at breakfast time. So much so, that one kitchen team decided that anyone wanting a second (or third, or fourth...) helping of bacon had to do a "bacon dance" before the tasty treat would be handed over! :)


  32. My fella makes me a bacon muffin (english in case you you were wondering, I'm english so it's not a cake!) with a slice of cheese for breakfast whenever he's here, bliss

  33. Hello from Ireland Linda
    I have two favourites that i love with bacon and they are buttermilk pancakes with the bacon chopped up and put in with the batter while cooking, once cooked pour warm maple syrup over the top, the taste of the bacon gets right into the pancakes, yum.
    Another lovely idea i saw on a cooking programme and just had to try it was bananas wrapped in bacon, seems strange i know but it is a must to try, really scrummy.
    Thanks for another great giveaway,
    Have a lovely day

  34. Oh definitely bacon sarnie (sandwich) with a fried egg and brown sauce!

  35. Oops forgot my email address lavender.dragon@gmail.com

  36. How cute! I love BLT sandwiches. Even better on homemade bread with mayo!

  37. Love this idea!! Thanks sooo much for the giveaway!! My Australian Shepherd, Max, loved bacon!! He passed away last September, so every time I fry bacon for breakfast, I always think of him!!! It was his favortie thing!!

  38. It's so true - who doesn't love Bacon? Bacon, Bacon, Bacon. Those type commercials usually become annoying, but not this one... Anyway, I guess my favorite way for bacon is the classic BLT... with mayo, red, ripe sweet tomato, crisp green lettuce, old fashioned sliced, white bread... yummy! Now just look what you've done! Thanks for this great opportunity to be in the drawing! csogle@yahoo.com

  39. I think BLTs are our favorite bacon meal.
    Memory---My grandmother would make me bacon for breakfast when I was visiting...I would eat so much(and I was a tiny child) that she made a rule that I would have to have a bite of bread with every bite of bacon, that sure cut my intake a bit.....such a wonderful memory when I smell bacon.
    I heard of the bacon shake one fast food restaurant came out with this year....don't know if I'd try it though..hmmm


  40. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite bacon dish is bacon spaghetti. It's spaghetti noodles (cooked and drained) mixed with chopped up bacon (cooked), and a hot, cheesy, white alfredo sauce. It's delicious! Please enter me! My email is mckmuff@gmail.com. Thank you!


  41. Bacon the forbidden food group! Always save it for last to make it last. Love the design peek.

  42. I love chickpeas cooked with bacon, so prepare: Soak chickpeas in water for 4 hours, wash out and put to cook on water, fry the bacon and add to the chickpeas, then in that bacon fat fry vegetables (onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic) and add all to the boiling chickpeas with. Boil until reduced a bit and finally put some short pasta. Delicious!
    My email: maricruzpacheco@gmail.com

  43. no funny bacon stories here but i do love the stuff - you can't beat a bacon buttie with a big dollop of HP sauce and a tattie scone - yumm, okay now i really want some bacon!!

  44. Hi Linda,
    I used to have a ccoworker who was all about bacon; bacon on/with any food you could imagine. I believe he even had a bacon infused alcoholic beverage at one of the Company outings as well as a bacon air freshener in his car (gross!)! When he left to take a job someplace else, I got him a bag of some small bacon items, including bacon mints. He offered for me to try one but they smelled NASTY so I declined. I think he ate the whole box. Again--gross! I love bacon with maple syrup as much as anyone but I draw the line at mints or air fresheners. :)

    Thank you for this drawing!

    Nicole A


  45. My daughter (being a very health conscience Momma) would not fix her children fried bacon. Sooooooooo, when they would come to Grammy and Grump's house it was a given that for breakfast we would fix a pound of bacon. That plate of bacon disappeared in no time flat. Pat in KY

    Thanks for the give away. Love your patterns.

  46. I had to laugh when I read your blog today. Well my story is this. My husband and I go to a buffet style restaurant, they are so use to us that they will bring out a big plate of bacon to our table. Since we always
    seem to get there just as breakfast is ending :o)

  47. I love bacon, but when it's in a BLT I cannot pass on having it :)

    Can't wait to see these designs--I'm sure they'll be cute!


  48. As part of my newly installed basement utility sink and challenges using the hot water supply coming from my furnace, I had a water pressure gauge installed on the water line within the home.

  49. Cute design! I love bacon too, but try not to indulge too often. I love bacon in baked beans and crumbled up on a salad. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Another great idea. Bacon, who would've thought?!

    Denise (stitchinglyd@yahoo.com)

  51. I grew up eating bacon especially on Saturday morning at my grandparents house! They would make the best gravy made from the bacon grease and the grandkids would have an eating contest to see how many biscuits, gravy and bacon that we could eat!

    I don't remember who won all the time but I do remember winning at least once! I can't remember the number of bacon strips I ate but needless to say I didn't eat til dinner time that night. That part I will never forget!

    The most recent experience was when I went on a cruise and I could have bacon EVERY MORNING for the entire 8 days!!! IT WAS GREAT TOO!!! But that was a special occasion...right??!!!

    Please enter me into your wonderful fun contest!


  52. My favorite (other than BLT sandwich) is breakfast tacos loaded with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and potato in a warm tortilla. hmmmmm....maybe that'll be a good lunch today! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest.

    Another Brenda,

  53. I can't wait to get this chart. I adore bacon. I joined WW last year & was afraid bacon wouldn't fit
    into the plan. I was so happy to see I was wrong. I can still munch on bacon & lose weight. :)
    Lavon (jusneedlin@comcast.net)

  54. There are so many yummy things with bacon, so I'll just name the three best:
    a) you make a salad with goat cheese (hot from the over) and apples in it and on top you put some freshly baked bacon..the smell alone...
    b) there is what the Italians call spagetthi carbonare: you bake salted bacon (250 grs) in small cubes; you take parmesan cheese (grated) (150 a 200 grs), mix it with four to five eggs. When you have cooked your spagetti (not too long, as it will cook a bit further in the sauce), you get rid of the water, put the cheese mixed with the eggs over the pasta and put the bacon in . Just add a little pepper and some grated parmezan ...it's delicious!
    c) the last one is called salad from liege (a belgian city). You cook half a kilo of potatoes (the ones that don't turn too soft) and ca 300 gr green beans. Also chop 3 little onions and 150 gr salted bacon. You bake the bacon and the onion together in some oill or butter a big frying pan. Without rinsing or washing your pan!, you put 2 big spoons of red whine vinegar in. Let the vinegar cook while scratching the leftovers from the bottom and mixing them with the vinegar. Just put everything together (potatoes, beans, onions, bacon and pour the warm vinegar over it. add a bit pepper and mix it all! Delicious, healthy and not too expensive!

  55. This is SO perfect for me!! THere isn't much in the world I like better than BACON!! Don't really have a good story about it, just love it. I can tell you that the last time my girlfriend and I went on a scrapbooking retreat, they had the BEST bacon!! She hates the fat and I LOVE it.........so I got all her fat and she got all my lean and we almost made ourselves sick!! :) I need to do ALL of these, for sure!!

    Judy Cartwright

  56. OH MY---I LOVE B*A*C*O*N - The crispier the better- love a bacon,tomatoe,miracale whip sandwich----- if it wasn't for the salt intake that I get--- I would eat it alot more- I swell up like a ballon when I do eat it- love it with my "French Toast" also


  57. oooh , fab giveaway. We always have bacon sarnies for breakfast on Christmas Day . Gets everything off to a great start ,lol.
    My e-mail is on my profile .
    Thanks X

  58. I'm so excited to see your Bacon designs.
    I love a good BLT in the summer time.
    Of course, I also love bacon on a burger and bacon in potato soup and bacon on a salad. Well, you get the idea.
    Have a great day!

  59. We all know everything is better with bacon, but it holds a special place in my heart - my daughter and I love to dip our bacon in chocolate syrup! Not only is it a guilty pleasure, but it's our time to bond, we've had many heart to hearts whilst chomping on our bacon :).

    Deborah Milo

  60. There is nothing better than waking up on the weekends to the smell of bacon. Especially when I don't have to cook it!


  61. Thank you so much for the contest.

    My late husband and I used to camp and he would tell everyone that I was easy to cook for...he'd throw a pound of Bacon on the fire and cook it. I'd nibble on it all day and not be interested in anything else.....

    imanetnut AT yahoo.com

  62. Thinking of bacon reminds me of Easter sunrise service at our church...following worship, the men of the church serve breakfast and BACON is the first thing you smell!
    Thanks for the contest,

  63. I love bacon!!! Nothing like bacon and eggs at Eggsmart, frightening close to us and just too tempting! Great contest!!! Karen dglyall@rogers.com

  64. I have a friend who refers to bacon as meat candy! lol Gimme a BLT anyday.


  65. Hi Linda,
    We love bacon...my husband was raised on a farm and they had pigs. As a family tradition, we eat bacon every Saturday morning with eggs and toasts. It is comfort food and there is nothing better to have a good weekend start up.

    Chantal Hupe

  66. Everything is better with bacon! What a great idea for a series. I love broccoli salad with red onion, sunflower seeds, red wine vinegar dressing, and BACON! Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. I worked in a restaurant many years ago. The gas attendant was grumbling about the price of a clubhouse sandwich. A clubhouse has bacon, lettuce, tomato and turkey plus 3 slices of toasted bread. I really can't remember the other comment that he made but I said that all bacon comes from the same cow! LOLOL Oh my lord, everyone burst out laughing and was my face red but I also laughed at that one.

    Pearl Eveleigh

  68. My daughter named her english bulldog BACON. At first I thought it was a ridiculous name but he kind of grew into it. All the wrinkes on his face remind me of the wrinkles in bacon after it is cooked. Of course, his favorite treat - Bacon.

    Mary Ellen

  69. I have a bacon "secret" more than a "bacon story." I LOVE bacon and so does my family. I rarely rarely rarely deny my kids/hubbie anything---except for bacon. Truth be told I make extra and eat it in the kitchen when no one is looking...except the dog!

    SSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH-pleeeeease don't tell! I love bacon!


  70. BACON...Yikes! I have an amusing story about bacon. Now, I have nothing against it, but this story is not of the "yummy" kind.
    You see I was pregnant with my second child when my mom decided that she, my grandmother, and myself would take a little roadtrip to Dallas to do some shopping. We were on our way to one of my favorite malls, and my grandmother decided to tell my mom about how excited she was to discover that one can cook bacon in the microwave. She told all the details about how she loves the smell and the sizzling sound.
    Now any other time this would have been fine, but this particular day I was very queezy because of morning sickness. I begged her to stop, but she couldn't tell I was serious. Just as I was about to spew, my mom pulled up in the Neiman Marcus parking lot. I kept saying, "pull over NOW!!" She pulled into the vallet, and I opened the door just in time to puke all over the poor vallet man's shoes. Uhoh! Well, I just LOVE this bacon story, though!!
    Doree Gorden

  71. I would love to be included. My favourite bacon related food are Frazzles a bacon flavoured crisps!!!


  72. Bacon...it's the chocolate of breakfast foods. :) We didn't have a lot of resources growing up, but every Christmas morning there would be bacon and eggs for breakfast. Every time I smell bacon cooking, I get a really nostalgic feeling of Christmas and home. I love that you're creating a series about it.

    Jon - jhumiston@gmail.com

  73. Shelgore@comcast.net - my fav bacon food is BLT sandwich and my mom makes this great brunch cassarole with ham, Velveeta cheese, eggs and bacon.

    The only story I have is how my grandfather taught me to eat over easy eggs the correct way. He use to always take a stack of bacon and I'd only get 2-3 strips. He'd crush them up with his eggs and toss them. Than he would take about 3 pieces of toast and either make a sandwich with his messed up eggs dripping with the yolk and bacon or slop/swipe it. Since I wanted more bacon, I asked why he got more....needless to say the answer was I had to eat it right or I didn't get anymore than what I got. I learned at the age of 6 to eat like my Grandpa (I played hookie alot in first grade). I had to eat them like that everytime I visited including the week long trip to make my dollhouse from scratch when I was 20. It is one of my best stories of my grandfather.

    Glad to see you are on the mend with your knee and making more designs in rapid fashion.

  74. Bacon - my favorite food group!!! If you have not made the Pioneer Woman Meatloaf recipe (topped with BACON) then you have missed one of the sublime experiences in life!!!!!! Terry (at The Silver Needle!!!!) Linda - you are a whole rasher full of fun!!!!!!

  75. I am from North Carolina, and we seldom go a day without bacon, or the grease from it! Everyone in my family has excellent cholesterol levels, so I don't think it has caused much harm! All the women in my family have a special cup in the fridge just for the bacon drippings that we HAVE to put in our pintos, turnip greens or whatever else we cook in the vegetable family. I think we need a twelve step program for the addiction, but I really don't want to quit! I'm really looking forward to the new designs about my favorite food!

  76. Hi there from North Texas!

    My father was born in Lithuania, and so I grew up on Lithuanian food. There is nothing better than cepelinai (basically a potato dumpling stuffed with ground meat) smothered in melted butter with crumbled bacon on top. Yum!! Total comfort food for me. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Maybe I'll make that for dinner tonight! We Lithuanians are also partial to something called Bacon Buns. They sell them in the Lithuanian delis in Chicago and they are wonderful. Little rolls stuffed with bacon. I sense a theme here with the Lithuanian food. Carbs stuffed with meat LOL!! I guess we know why Eastern European women are on the round side :)

    Those designs would be perfect for my kitchen. I love everything you girls design.

    Kris - kris@fioto.net

  77. Our family tradition is to have Krub, a potato dumpling, on Christmas Eve. What makes it good is you actually use the bacon drippings (grease) and pore it over the Krub. Bacon is of course on the side. I was the only girl and had 3 brother. I learned to guard my plate and not look away as the food tended to "walk away" on someone else's fork! Boys! Christmas morning featured more Krub, but fried this time of course in bacon drippings. I know.... a heart attack waiting to happen. That might be why we only have it at the holidays. We all have our own families now, but still go to grandma's house for Krub on Christmas Eve. The take home bags to have some for breakfast are the evenly divided leftovers. We still have to keep an eye on those bags so they don't make their way to someone else's car! It is fun to never have to grow up at the holidays.

    Debbie - dakaiser@charter.net

  78. I love bacon and especially in BLT sandwiches. I need to make the toast right before I eat the sandwich so it is warm. I cover both sides with Miracle Whip and stack on the bacon and tomatos. Yum Yum. THanks for the chance to win. cindydbannon@gmail.com

  79. My son was having some health issues and we ended up in the emergency room with him. At the time he was a few weeks shy of his 7th birthday. We spent the better part of 16 hours in a little room while they ran a battery of tests on him. Through out the day, hospital personnel walked through the halls with lunches and dinners, and my son wasn't allowed to eat, as it could interfere with any testing he might have to have done. That night they sedated him to do a cat scan, and the following morning he woke up very hungry! He could smell bacon, his absolute all time favorite, and really wanted some. However, they had determined they would have to do some surgery on him, and once again he would not be able to eat, still. As they were rolling him into pre op he clutched my hand, looked at me and at the doctor,and said: "OH PLEASE when I am done with this can I have a whole pound of bacon?" His surgeon laughed and promised him he would personally deliver it to him once he was able to eat. Around 11 o'clock that night, he was given the ok by his doctor to eat. My son looked him in the eye, and said, "okay, I'm ready for my bacon!" His Dr. went down to the cafeteria and came back up about 20 minutes later with a large platter of bacon he had bribed the kitchen staff to cook off menu! My son finished off the plateful in short order (I snatched a piece or two) and went off to dream land!
    Suzanne- sewzeeq5@yahoo.com

  80. We have a place just down the street from our store that makes an awesome BLT wrap. YUM YUM Thanks for the contest and all the wonderful patterns!
    Diane dianesframeshoppe@yahoo.com

  81. My eighty year old father in law makes me think of bacon. I remember him being upset after coming home from a hunting trip to find he was out of bacon. "How can you cook without bacon?". Thanks for the fun give a way. ;)


  82. My eight year son is a bacon lover, but as we try to keep him on healty food we treat him for his birthdays! We allways go to a french restaurant where he can order a huge double hamburger with bacon and cheese ;-)
    Daniela brancher@spray.se

  83. When I was 16 I worked in my parents Health Food Store, gave me a bit on the entrepreneurial spirit I have as I run an Needlework Shop now. Well, I read so much about foods I got a bit obsessive about my diet and went vegetarian; lasted almost 2 years...The smell of cooked bacon broke me, I am now a carnivore again and bacon is towards the top of the list. And this chart WILL be a shop sample here. ;)

  84. Linda, I just had to share my favorite bacon recipe with you (please do not enter me in the contest). I cut Jalapeno peppers in half, take out seeds, stuff with pepper jack cheese, wrap with 1/2 piece bacon and bake at 350 until nice and crispy....yummy! Love all the new designs! Have a great summer! patcarson@sc.rr.com

  85. Linda I would love to be entered in your bacon contest. My favorite bacon dish is BLT's on Toasted bread with lots of mayo and tomotoes. I look forward to summer for the fresh tomatoes from the garden. My daughter and I stalk the garden to be able to get the first tomatoe.... Thanks

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. I am excited to enter this giveaway! I LOVE BLTs. But I also love how adding bacon to almost anything just "takes it up a notch".

    Debbie in Kansas

  88. I love a good BLT with nice crispy bacon. Janet jfletchmom@yahoo.com

  89. Hands down favorite bacon food is a BLT with lots and lots of crispy crunchy BACON! Bacon is it's own food group...ok, well it should be, right?

  90. Thank you for offering this giveaway. Whenever I cook fresh green beans I saute some onion and toss in a handful of "bacon bits". Always anxious to see your new designs!

  91. I have a great rice dish that I use bacon in and it is delicious! Cut bacon in small strips, cook until browned, do not drain grease, add minute rice and stir a little bit, add knorr tomato chicken broth per instructions, bring to boil, cover and remove from burner, let sit for 10 minutes, uncover and stir!!! Excellent eating, the bacon and fat give the rice a great flavor. Thank you Lizzie Kate for considering my entry! Leslie lesliedillgomez@hotmail.com

  92. Everyone in my house LOVES bacon. My grand niece would eat a whole pound in one sitting if we would let her. My dog even loves it. I fix him a piece every morning, even if I am not having it for breakfast. He sure lets me know if I forget his bacon in the morning! But I do love him more than bacon.

  93. I forgot to add my email to the last post about fixing bacon for my dog every morning!



    The touch screen order kiosks at the convenience stores near us have the option to add bacon to all their sandwiches. Love that. Would you like bacon? Why yes, yes I would!


    email: ekoenig8@verizon.net

  95. when I was a child and we made a schooltrip we hade to take our lunch from home with us ...and so we have sandwiches with a omelet en sometimes bacon......and now omelet and bacon it always remind me of schooltrips


  96. my son in law makes the best bacon bombs. is a real treat for our family.


  97. I love bacon! It is my favorite food. I always say everything is better with bacon. BLTs are my favorite sandwich. My DH once told me that he planned on covering himself in bacon and nutella. :0)

    1. I forget to leave my email address... I hope this doesn't mess anything up by adding it here. micsfan@msn.com
      FYI... I had a BLT for lunch today, thank you very much. :0)

  98. I don't think anyone is a bigger bacon lover than my son! It is so well known in our family that every year at Christmas my Mom gets him a huge bag of real Bacon Bits so that he can put it on his potatos, corn, pasta, well you get the picture! As for me...I guess my favorite is fried crispy with a runny fried egg on an english muffin with melted cheese.


  99. I feel like the Bubba Gump of bacon....I like bacon sandwiches, bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon quiche, bacon on salads, etc...I love this new design. Too cute! Oink Oink!

  100. Sorry!!! Forgot my email in the Bubba Gump Bacon post......

    Yvonne S.

  101. The whole family loves bacon, especially my son. and I love LK patterns. Thank you for doing this giveaway.


  102. I love bacon! My favorite bacon-y food is a BLT sandwich and a close second would be a bacon and cheese omelet. All this talking about bacon is making me want to run to the grocery store and buy a package :) Thanks for the lovely giveaway.
    rcscg at aol dot com

  103. Bacon! Love love love it! From BLT's to bacon and eggs and everywhere in between! For me....when I smell bacon cooking, it reminds me of weekend breakfasts the Mom would whip up for us when we were kids! YUM!

    LOVE L*K patterns! Thanks for your creativity, sharing it with all of us, and for this generous giveaway!

    Happy Stitching!


  104. My favorite is just the classic BLT, with LOTS of bacon of course!


  105. My husband and I love McDonald's Egg McMuffin, but we love my version even better. Instead of Canadian bacon, I use two slices (cooked in almost a circle) of regular bacon. I call it Egg McMiner (Miner being our last name. One day at McDonald's I asked for, by mistake, an Egg McMiner. The clerk looked at me as if I were crazy, until I explained.

  106. My husband and I love McDonalds' Egg McMuffins, but we like my version even better. Instead of the Canadian bacon, I use two slices of regular bacon, curving it as it fries. I call it an Egg McMiner, since Miner is our last name. Imagine the McDonald's employee's surprise when I accidentally ordered an Egg McMiner one day. I love working on your designs, which I buy from our wonderful Spring Robin store here in Salisbury NC.
    Joyce Miner (joyceminer727@yahoo.com)

  107. The next best thing to eating bacon in the morning is stitching bacon!!! Bacon and anything is wonderful. janelnnn@gmail.com

  108. I just love to do pasta with small bagon pieces, cream, egg yolks and black pepper... Kind of pasta carbonara :D

  109. I know it is too late to enter the contest but my story is about our son. He loves bacon so much his nickname has become Bacon Butt. He raised and showed pigs in 4-H and he was all about the bacon afterwards and how much he was going to get and not going to share!!!!

  110. Bacon Candy! We ate 5 pounds at a bridal shower.. Recipe available upon request.