Friday, April 20, 2012

Final day to PIG OUT on our BACON contest! L*K blog readers are amazing! Your excitement for BACON has been beyond my expectations. I have read every comment, and they are hilarious, inspiring and hunger-inducing!  Who knew BACON was held in such esteem in households all over the US and around the world?!

Today is the final day to leave your comment and enter our BACON contest. Don't forget to include your email address when you leave your comment. Scroll back to previous BACON post for all the details! We'll determine the random winners over the weekend and send emails to notify.

Meanwhile, the BACON has hit the road! We shipped the new BACON BITS chartpak on Monday, along with several other new releases. See below for the tasty scoop!

Our chart #153 Bacon Bits has 4 BACON designs. Have fun, and don't "hog" them all for yourself - share your BACON!

YEA! These are the final 2 designs in our Less=More series. All four designs are now available! If you're stitching the series together, don't forget to download the FREE border and instructions from our website for combining everything into one long, inspirational sampler. The colors in this series are so lovely, and the antique sampler motifs are so fun, I had the best time stitching the original models.

Our final new release is the B38 Spread the Love Inspiration Boxer. Like the other designs in this series, Boxer kit comes with 32 ct. lambswool linen, pattern and embellishments. This kit also includes a BONUS design for the darling little needle roll pictured. Embellishments include beads for the needle roll, too. 

Many happy stitches, readers! 


  1. Hi ~ I have a friend who loves Bacon so this past weekend we talked about your new line. She wasn't sure but I told her you would never do anything that was not darling!!! You have proved me right. Darling, and we couldn't think what you would do with Bacon. I would love to win this and I would stitch them for my friend. Hat's off to you again, you have truely outdone yourself. I love your blog and I love your charts they are so cute, sweet and inspirational.
    God Bless your stitching fingers and your wonderful brain.

  2. I forgot my email address if I win it is ~
    Thanks ~

  3. Thank you so much for all your wonderful designs, I truly enjoy stitching each an every one and CAN'T wait to own
    bacon bits!

  4. ok, i need to know i won the bacon......... :)

  5. So have you emailed the winners? I'm so curious about who won! What were the other bacon surprises that went with prize?