Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When life gets in the way of work...

The last few posts have been about our CRAZED pace leading up to market, the FRENZIED pace during market, and then....a slight pause! So here's ONE of the reasons I haven't blogged for over a week.

I had a little knee surgery to correct a couple of tears in my meniscus. After a couple doc visits this fall and finally an MRI, I got the answer to my insistent knee pain. No, I don't know how I tore it (everyone asks this)...probably some gradual thing related to GETTING OLD, but it needed to be repaired. I postponed the eager ortho doc until I returned from my business trip, and reported to the surgery center the day after we returned.

All went well at the uber-efficient surgery center, and I was home a couple hours later.  I was propped on the sofa with my own little igloo machine, humming softly as it circulated cold water around my knee. My faithful granddog Henry was as close to the action as possible. After orthroscopic surgery, you only have 2 little incisions on the knee. But my leg was mysteriously wrapped from ankle to mid-thigh in gauze, the water therapy thing and a thick frosting of Ace bandages. I was supposed to use crutches, but realized immediately I was a klutz and a real danger to myself. Thankfully, I could put weight on it right away, so I hobbled around for a few days. What a thrill it was to limp to the door to greet the flower delivery guy, and multiple friends bearing food!

Now I'm back in the office, except when I'mhanging out with 2 handsome physical therapists a couple times a week. Who knew physical therapy could be entertaining? The young therapist is just a couple months from graduating, so he has another attractive blond guy there to oversee him and give him verbal pop-quizzes while he works. And did I mention the student therapist looks like a young Chris Noth (famous actor from Law & Order, Sex in the City, The Good Wife)?? I'm sure a menopausal woman in sweat pants isn't the most exciting part of their day, but they put a smile on my face...even while I'm doing my exercises!


  1. Glad the surgery went well for you :) Henry sure looks comfy there with you and is doing a fab job in keeping you company.

    Oh you lucky lady...Chris Noth..sighhhhhhh

  2. Hope you are rapidly getting better and each day sees progress. I'm sorry I've done NOTHING but pray for you, but please know you're in my heart. Hope to see you soon!

  3. My grandmother tore her meniscus standing on the bed to dust. You can use her story to satisfy strangers' curiosity if you like! Get well soon.

  4. Get well soon, Linda.

    Kisses, Rosália*.

  5. Hi Linda,
    So glad you're doing better! My hubby has had that operation 3 times over the yrs. on the same knee!!
    Maybe you can finally slow down just a little, while you relax and be pampered. Cute guys are always fun for women our age~HA!! :))


  6. Hope you are gradually getting better. Those PT exercises get old quick! Missed you Sunday- now I know why!

  7. Glad you're on the road to recovery!
    ~Nicole in MA


  8. Speedy recovery! Glad to hear all went well. Don't over do it.

  9. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  10. Glad your knee is getting better. Cute young men always make me feel better! lol Glad Henry is such a good nurse!! Take it easy...

  11. Chris Noth . . . humm Too bad for you. I am sorry you hurt yourself, glad you are getting better. Love the picture of your dog.
    I also love your designs and have stitched them for many years. Keep up the good work and please don't dust while standing on the bed. It could be too easy to hurt the other knee. But then there is always PT and the look alike Chris Noth . . . humm!
    God Bless ~
    I enjoy your blog so much and read it every time I have a chance.

  12. I hope you get back and up and running soon! You are too busy to lie around :) I think I would get a little pampering while I had the opportunity, though! BTW, your designs keep getting better and better. They just fly out of my shop!

  13. I'm happy your surgery went well - BUT - You may need lots and lots of therapy. Eye candy helps the healing process!!!

  14. Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

  15. How nice to hear that the surgery went well for you.
    Wish a speedy recovery, but take it easy! Maybe is time to slow down a lil, right?
    Warm hugs & lots of luv from Japan

  16. having a bum knee is noo fun---PT isn't either, but it means "WELLNESS" so keep it up, glad you have such a darling little dog to keep you company to-