Monday, March 19, 2012

Ready for a Little Easter?

Spring is officially HERE!  No matter what the calendar says...our grass is green (and ready for ANOTHER mowing), the daffodils are almost done blooming, and my forsythia bushes and pear trees are bursting with yellow and white flowers.

So my thoughts are turning to EASTER!  Working at Lizzie*Kate, my attention is usually focused about 6-9 months ahead of the actual calendar. I'm starting on Halloween and Christmas designs in the spring. It's a little confusing...but I'm in the spring groove!

In the L*K office, we're super busy right now assembling and shipping SPRING THINGS! So here are 2 of my favorite things for spring super quick project and another bigger project, for you over-achievers!

This is our recently released "A Little Easter" kit. It's so full of springtime goodness...trailing floral border, Easter basket with pastel eggs, carrot border, and 2 of the cutest chicks in the Easter parade!  Kit comes with antique white linen, baby pink button (upper left corner) and bitsy pale pink beads (flower centers). This little kit is a "companion" to our "A Little Love" kit, which premiered earlier this year. Pop this in your Easter basket!

Our #146 Spring Alphabet design was released last spring, and was the first part of a seasonal alphabet series. Each alpha letter has it's own font and unique sampler-inspired border. Then we filled in the extra spaces with pretty springtime motifs. The colors on this designs are so pretty and well....spring-ish!  Chartpak comes with design and embellishments (tiny purple buttons and antique gold dragonfly charm). 

With all this spring inspiration, I've got my house decorated for Easter, even though it appears no adult children will be coming home. Sometimes you just have to indulge in all those eggs, bunnies and carrots to please yourself!

Here's the table in my entry hall that tucks under the stairway. My fake chocolate bunny is making his yearly appearance. He lost his tail to a shipping incident last year when he went to Nashville market, so he's hiding his rear disability under a cloche this year. Funny thing...he just never melts! Just like that famous Energizer bunny...."he keeps on going!"

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  1. Lovely Easter! Lovely colours! Hurrah for Spring! The bunny is so cute, tail or no tail!
    Best regards