Thursday, March 22, 2012

Invasion of the Birdz & Bugz!

Sounds scary, but we're thrilled to have the Birdz & Bugz arriving in hoards at our office. We've been backordered on this Limited Edition kit since market, almost a month ago, so we're doing the happy dance!

Above is a shipment of the pre-finished stitching kits fresh from the shipping carton. After we receive them, we assemble the kits and ship them out the same day. Then we wait for the next shipment!

Below is a pic of the finished kits like you'll see them at your local needlework shop. Our little fold up stitch kit has 2 linen bands for stitching (one inside, one outside), 2 pockets for stashing stuff, and cute rick rack bands to hold everything together. 

When we were designing the kit I couldn't decide which fabrics I liked best...birds, bugs, I used them all! You choose either birds or bugs for your outside fabric. The pink & orange stripes brighten the insides of all the kits. Kits include the designs for both stitching bands, and chartreuse and orange beads to make them glisten.

But here's the "rest of the story"!  These little stitch kits don't just magically appear. Some dedicated and talented sewers are making them all for us. Many months ago my friend Inez from Adam Original contacted me and proposed doing a project together. We spent months looking at fabrics online, and perfecting the design of the little kit. Lots of emails and packages later, we confirmed the final design and Inez ordered the materials. 


Above are the supplies all laid out on Inez's work table, ready for her talented fingers to put them all together.

Above is Inez's faithful helper and friend, Kon, hard at work at the sewing machine.

Finally, here is Inez...still smiling after all those Birdz & Bugz. Thanks, Inez, for all of your creativity and hard work!!

If you're waiting for your Birdz & Bugz Limited Edition Stitch Kit from your LNS, don't despair. They're coming just as quick as we can get them there. Inez and Kon will keep sewing them until the fabric is no longer available. Thanks for your patience...and thanks for loving those little Birdz & Bugz!!!


  1. beautiful as always! but what happen to your january giveaway?....

  2. After we randomly chose the winners, we notified them and shipped the prizes!

  3. I couldn't decide either so I HAD to get both, they are so nice....

  4. Hi Linda,
    I hope you got my email earlier, as it pertains to an order.
    Thanks! Those kits look sooo cute!!


  5. J'ai reçu mon petit Kit vert. Merci.
    Je l'ai acheté sur internet chez S.B.B.
    Thank You, it's beautiful

    Bye du Québec