Sunday, October 23, 2011

Visit to Hoosier-ville!

Sometimes those grownup kids don't live very close...sadly! Our daughter Sarah and husband Jeff live in Bloomington, Indiana. Jeff is doing graduate studies at University of Indiana and Sarah is busy teaching art in the tiny town of Medora, about 40 miles away. She is the only art teacher for Kindergarten through high school, and that adds up to a lot of lesson plans. But we'll save her amusing teacher anecdotes for another post!

Sarah had a short "fall break" from school so we popped up there for a parental visit. We flew to Indie, then drove to Bloomington. WOW...who knew Indiana was so beautiful in the fall?!

Alan and I stayed in a nearby small town called Story, right on the edge of the famous Brown County State Park. It's a long "story". but the nearly abandoned little town was purchased by developers and is now a quaint inn. The charming building and houses are now a bunch of rooms to rent. There's even a great restaurant - pictured below. 

Here is a sample of a little house that is now part of the inn.  That house is so should be on a L*K design!

The Story Inn restaurant also grows a lot of it's own food (and purchases other food locally when possible) and we enjoyed exploring a couple large kitchen gardens. It's past the season for lots of veggies, but some of the herbs were still going (growing) strong! This friendly scarecrow was keeping an eye on things. 

Back in Sarah and Jeff's apartment in BTown, Sarah taught me how to make and Naan bread. We made the dough, let it rise, formed little dough balls, let them rise again, then patted them into circles which we grilled.  YUMMMM! The four of us almost ate the whole batch, as we happily dipped the warm bread into hummus. 

Not to be outdone in the kitchen, son-in-law Jeff whipped up a homemade apple/cranberry pie, complete with homemade crust. Gotta love a guy who can make a pie!  Sarah was his able assistant.

When we weren't cooking and eating, we explored Bloomington, nearby town Nashville, and the Brown County Park. We also checked in on Sarah's latest painting - a bowl of cherries.  Can't wait to see this one finished!  You can see Sarah's other work at

Alas...we're safely bake home in Wichita, and gearing up to tackle a busy week at L*K. We just released new products before we left, so messages and orders await! See you at Christmas...Sarah and Jeff!


  1. hey, you were in my neck of the woods...ok, I am in northern IN, but yes, Indiana is beautiful this time of year...
    what a neat place you went.......must check that out...we love finding new 'close to home' places to visit.

  2. Cool to see the artist at work (although I'm not sure if she's working or posing. She's wearing nice clothes, and that's paint, lol, so she should be wearing an apron or something!!!). Glad you had a nice trip. Indy is pretty close to me (I can get there in less than ten minutes) but I'm near the south east corner of the state. I'm glad you had a good visit though. All of my immediate (Nuclear) family lives close except my sister, and she's not too far away. It's nice to be able to visit sometimes.

  3. Isn't Bloomington and Brown County beautiful :) Especially this time of year! And we sure are having a fabulous fall color this year. The Story Inn is really great - cute and quaint.
    Wish I would have known you were here celebrating fall break with us....I would have given you a stitcher's welcome! I live in good 'ol B-town myself....