Monday, October 3, 2011

One football game = how many 6 Fat Men?

6 FAT MEN?  Which 6 guys am I talking about?

NO, not those guys on the football field filling out their stretchy pants almost to the bursting point. No, not those men parked in their favorite chairs all over the country...inhaling chips and swilling their favorite beverages. 

I'm talking about Lizzie*Kate's 6 FAT MEN Flip-it series!!! These 6 chubby guys get invited to lots of activities at our house, and a prime Saturday afternoon football game is no exception!  While our favorite team (Kansas State Wildcats) is lining up for the kickoff, we're lining up rows and rows of prepared Gludots, each with their own snowflake charm attached. The TV trays in our family room aren't just for eating, they're for stripping dots and Flip-ping!

Even with lots of breaks for excessive cheering (our team won!), snacking and concentrating on the game, we still matched A LOT of the 3 new snowmen with their charms.  The first 3 snowmen in the series were released in June, and now we're preparing to ship the final 3 snowmen in the now-infamous "6 FAT MEN" gang. If you haven't met these snowy men, check them out on our website at The first 3 (snow) men are pictured on our What's New page. If you click on the big photo of the whole gang, you will find the FREE border elements and instructions for combining the whole gang into a big SNOW FEST!

I forgot to take a photo of the messy room, which was surely a blessing. There were piles of empty GluDot strips scattered all over the floor, which we gathered into the trash when the game was over. Then we transported all of our finished products to the office, where they are resting on the floor until it's their time to "enter the game".

Meanwhile, today there's a pile building in the L*K office, just waiting to be transported into the house for some after-hours assembly.  On the way to the house, we pass our beloved (but woefully faded) purple Wildcat banner. I think it's time for a replacement! GO CATS!

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  1. LOVE the faded Wildcat banner, Linda! That's my favorite team, too.