Wednesday, October 19, 2011


NEW designs are on the way to needlework shops!  We shoved them out the door yesterday and are SO relieved to have some space to work again. About a thousand leaves blew in the door as the boxes went out, so autumn has definitely arrived.

Ready, set, are the new designs!

Above is Be Jolly, our 2011 Christmas Kit (K54). You can read about the "evolution" of this kit in earlier blog posts, but here is the finished model. It's colorful and fun, and has a sort of retro feel to it.  Kit includes 27/28 ct. tea linen, white crystal beads and exclusive design. Get this in your hands, and you'll feel jolly, too!

This is a new Quick-it called HoHoHo in a Row (Q10). I stitched it on frosty Morris blue linen from Weeks Dye Works, but you could put it on any little piece of neutral fabric from your stash. Quick-it includes 3 tiny red buttons. HOHOHO, baby!

Snow Fun 6 Fat Men Flip-it (F113)

 Let It Snow 6 Fat Men Flip-it (F114)

Snow Day! 6 Fat Men Flip-it (F115)

The last 3 parts of the 6 Fat Men Flip-its are finally HERE!  Yes, these guys have been anxious to join the other 3 chubby men. This batch includes my personal favorite of the designs...Snow Day!  Visit our website to see the 1st three snowmen in this series (F110 Snowed In, F111 Snow House, F112 Snow Friends). 

Remember...if you want to stitch them all together (see photo on back of each design and on our website Home Page), there is a FREE template for this on our website. This also includes some free graphs for "Snowmen melt my heart" border and a cool birdhouse motif. Get SNOWY!

This is the 3rd design in our new Inspiration Boxer series, Not All of Us (B35). Your response to all 3 of these Inspiration designs has been...well, inspirational!  We couldn't be more pleased. We're working hard on a new set of Inspiration Boxers for 2012. This kit includes 32 ct. Flax linen, hand-dyed raspberry flower buttons and a FREE design for a darling little pin pillow (pictured on cover). We also included an antique-gold heart charm for the pin pillow.

Finally, here is the Winter Alphabet embellished chartpak (#151). This design completes our seasonal alpha series, and it is my favorite. Or maybe I just like whichever one is newest? I do really like the beautiful colors and fun wintry motifs on this one. Chartpak includes tiny red buttons and itsy-bitsy antique gold heart charm.

The goods have left the L*K world headquarters and we're left with a mess! Every single design in this release required assembly - putting snowflake buttons in all 3 Flip-its, gluing red buttons in HoHoHo in a Row, inserting embellishment packs in the Winter Alpha, and assembling the Christmas Kits and Boxer Kits. WHEW!  Now we're finding room on the shelves for the new designs and organizing the supplies, so we can keep track of them!

I feel the need for some extra energy, so it's off to our fave Mexi restaurant (El Paisa) for an infusion of salsa. I've have a #4 please, and a giant Diet Coke!


  1. I looooooooooove the Winter Alphabet !!!
    Thank you so much to make happy stitchers !

  2. Love all your newest goodies Linda! Can't wait to get my hands on them!!


  3. Oh my hun; I love the new snowmen; I just ordered the threads to start it and got the boarder copied off; I can't wait to get the last 3 snowmen and the Winter Alphabet and By Golly; I better get busy Thanks for the great designs..

    Hugs, Shar

  4. How to choose one project to start on??? Oh yah I already have one of your patterns in progress. I will have to head up to my favorite shop and grab some more fantastic patterns.

  5. Wauw what a beautiful snowman, Im wating of the patterns. greeting Elza.

  6. I just love all of the new designs - guess my stitching to do list has just grown a whole lot more!

    I finally got around to starting the first of the 6 fat men at the weekend and am loving them already - the border design really sets them off so hopefully I can get my hands on the other fairly soon :)

    Keep up the good work please! Hope the salsa was good xxx

  7. So beautiful. I love snowmen :)

    Greetings from Belgium

  8. They are all just too cute! The Snow Day one is my absolute favorite. :)

  9. how do we order these? i am new but these are just so cute i just have to have them! Thank you :)

  10. all that cute new designs are great snowmen, I am delighted

  11. I just love the colors. A bit of nostalgia.