Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 ways to celebrate when it's 100 degrees in May!!!

Yes, it's 100 degrees..and hot and humid and windy and all that!  I barely took off my sweater last week when the heat wave suddenly invaded us on Mother's Day. I don't really enjoy hot weather, so I'm looking for ways to think positively about this bizarre weather situation!

1. HAPPY HIBISCUS plants on patio! I've been busy planting my patio pots and annuals around the area between my house and office. It's a short commute - about 20 steps, but I pass by it constantly, so that is where I concentrate my gardening efforts! This year's color scheme is yellow, purple and coral - great L*K colors!

2.  TINY TOMATOES are already growing on my patio tomato vines!  Ahhh...the promise of a summer full of juice tomatoes of all sizes, shapes and color. I'm really looking forward to tomato-intensive meals...where your menu strategy is to use as many tomatoes as possible. I have started oven-roasting my excess tomatoes to freeze, but that is a future post.

3. LETTUCES AND PARSLEY are ready to pick!  I planted 4 varieties of lettuce and spinach and they look better than usual. Probably due to our unusually COOL weather, up until this week. What a joy to step outside the kitchen and pick a piece of lettuce for a sandwich, or a pile for a fresh salad. Can't wait 'til the basil gets a little bigger!

4. FAITHFUL GRAND-DOG HENRY...guardian of the patio hose!  He had a close encounter with a giant mother raccoon and baby last week, which nearly took a year off my life with fright!  But he emerged unscathed and (hopefully) a little more cautious. We can hope!

5. GIANT GLASS OF ICED TEA...nestled on my messy desk next to fibers and my favorite hand lotion.  It sure helps keep me awake when I fade in the afternoon.  I don't think I was really meant to spend a whole day at a desk!



  1. it's been raining this week in England! I'd gladly trade for your hot weather as its also very humid here!!

  2. It's turned nice and warm here in NY....but I like the hot weather so no complaints from me!!
    Love your hibiscus, so bright and cheerful.

  3. Henry is a darling grandpuppy - mine is a great dane! Share the name of the lotion???

  4. My Mom gives me this lotion for Christmas every year and it lasts all year...which is good, because it isn't cheap. It's called Soy Lotion Milk No. 12 by Archipelago Botanicals. She gets it at a beauty supply place, or a gift shop. It has a pleasant non-smell sort of scent.

  5. Just wanted to say Thanks for the info. Ordered online, and it IS a big container. The scent is clean, and doesn't bother my alergies. Nice for the elbows, too! :-)