Friday, August 4, 2017

"Spirit of Christmas" Sneak Peek Pic!

It's HERE! Our "famous" SNEAK PEEK MYSTERY collage photo!

Here's your first "clue" to solve the Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler. What do you see?

We've packed lots of little clues into one picture. Take a close look and put your "private eye" skills to work!

I spy with my little eye....

* Christmas Love Pin Pillow BONUS design - coming with Part 2
* Beautiful threads including our new custom color OYSTER, but which one is it?
* Holiday House 2 sided fob BONUS design - coming with Part 1 (wonder what the other side looks like?!)
* "Cleverly crumpled" Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler (unframed)
* "Artfully rolled" Christmas Is...Mini Sampler BONUS design - coming with Part 3
* A spatter of lovely mother-of-pearl heart buttons.
* Spirit of Christmas postcard
* A few of my brush trees - I love to collect these little buggers!

What did your "inner gumshoe" find? Anything else?

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW if you find any other CLUES.

Contact your favorite needlework supplier. They're taking pre-orders NOW. 

****Our pre-order deadline for shops is August 10. You can order after that (definitely), but if you want to receive Spirit of Christmas Part 1 and all the supplies at earliest possible date, ORDER NOW!

Here's our Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler shipping schedule:

September 1
* Part 1 of Spirit of Christmas, including thread key and stitch guide
* Thread packs with 11 skeins of overdyed Weeks Dye Works thread including exclusive NEW color 
* Fabric precuts of Picture This Plus Heartland (NEW color) linen (28 or 32 ct.) and/or Aida (14 or 16 ct.)
* Embellishment Pack with goodies for main sampler and all 3 BONUS designs
* Spirit of Christmas Needle Nanny (to park your mystery needle!)
* Holiday House 2 sided fob BONUS design

October 2 - Part 2 of Spirit of Christmas and Christmas Love BONUS design.

November 1 - Part 3 of Spirit of Christmas and Christmas Is...Mini Sampler BONUS design.

***We'll be adding more blog posts with behind-the-scenes Mystery Sampler pics SOON. Check back often as the mystery excitement builds. 

Thanks for joining us on our holiday mystery journey - it's gonna be a great trip together!


  1. Acorns? I love them at xmas time for decorations.

  2. I see acorns which I use to decorate at xmas time.

  3. A tiny little peppermint, pine cones, evergreen & berry fronds, a cute red toy sewing machine and shipping boxes....yay!

  4. I see a set of button pins, three to be exact, with heart designs. ❤️

  5. Je l'ai réservé,
    vivement le 1er septembre
    bon weekend

  6. Where can you order??