Friday, August 11, 2017

L*K "fan pages" on Facebook

Before I tell you about L*K on a quick SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS Mystery Sampler Update:

Yesterday, August 10, was our pre-order deadline for needlework shops around the world.

What does this mean?
Our first shipment of Spirit of Christmas isn't until September 1, but we need a few weeks to get everything together...charts, thread packs, embellishment packs, Needle Nannies, and fabric (yards and yards of beautiful hand-dyed fabrics), then assemble everything and pack boxes. The next 3 weeks will be "organized pandemonium" at L*K world headquarters. ***The overtime elves will be BUSY!

Based on orders from previous mysteries and early response, we placed tentative orders with our suppliers several months ago. Everything is handmade, so it takes time for all of these talented folks to make and ship us their wares.

This morning we placed amended orders with Weeks Dye Works (beautiful threads, including custom color OYSTER), Picture This Plus (4 different fabrics in Heartland, a new color developed for this project), Just Another Button Company (6 styles of custom buttons) and Zappy Dots (makes of the magnetic Needle Nannies, so you can "park" your needles as the mystery unfolds), as well as 2 other embellishment suppliers.

Why amended orders???
Because the response to Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler has been phenomenal...who knew?!?! We are blown away - and admittedly a little nervous - about the overwhelming pre-orders. We make estimates based on previous mysteries, but YIKES! This sampler is breaking records. ***And we also know from previous years that the orders will continue to increase as the ship date nears. Calling all L*K elves!!!

Getting back to my original topic...FACEBOOK!

I friends have trouble believing this and get the giggles...but there are several L*K "fan pages" on Facebook.

In addition to the "official" Lizzie Kate Facebook page, there are 3 fan pages that are independently moderated and devoted just to L*K you!

Check out these 3 pages on Facebook and see if you'd like to join:

I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs
This is the largest and busiest group with over 3500 members. Almost every day there are updates on L*K works in progress or finished projects. There is so much creativity on here, I check it daily for inspiration. It's full of L*K designs - old and new - with all sorts of creative finishes.

Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler Club
This page is devoted to our mystery samplers. There are 5 mystery samplers so far...Very Scary, Holly & Hearts, Things Unseen, A Little Mystery and Spooked. We're premiering a new mystery, Spirit of Christmas, in September. Sometimes members post pics of other L*K designs, too.

Lizzie Kate Spirit of Christmas 2017 SAL
This is a brand new group created just for our upcoming Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler. I'm sure this group will be a busy place in the mysterious months ahead.

All of these are Closed Groups on Facebook. To join, just send a request. The group admin will add you ASAP.

***These 3 "fan pages" are independent from L*K. We are just members, like many of you. There are volunteer admins who devote their time to managing these pages. We appreciate them so much! These pages wouldn't exist with the generosity of stitchers who manage them and contribute regularly.

Facebook is just one more way to interact with the worldwide stitching community. These pages are a great way to stitches!

Have a great weekend and check back for more "mysterious" updates next week!

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