Monday, November 21, 2016

L*K holiday charity project!

Here's a preview of our final 2 releases for 2016. Scroll back to previous post for the 2 new kits coming to a shop near you in early December.

#178 Prayer of St. Francis

I've had a lot of (prayer) requests for this one over the years. I had planned on releasing this in 2017, but now seems like the perfect time. It's a big piece for L*K, but every word is important. I found that stitching these lovely words, one little cross at a time, was comforting and meaningful.

B55 I Am Only One Inspiration Boxer

It's our first Inspiration Boxer where the proceeds go to charity - yea! Just in time for the holiday gifting season, we're inviting you to be part of our L*K holiday giving. We used a classic inspirational saying and also included a BONUS design. Kit includes 30 ct. lambswool linen, embellishment and BONUS design.

We're donating to a favorite charity of ours - Stove Builders of Guatemala  We included an insert in kit so everyone can learn about this useful and environment project to improve the lives of Guatemalan women and families.

Why build stoves in Guatemala? Here's the short scoop:

I was fortunate to visit Guatemala several years ago, and am hopeful to return again to build more stoves. Women typically cook on open fires inside their homes. The #1 killer of Guatemalan women is lung and eye diseases from these fires. Women's long skirts often catch fire and small children often fall into the open fires. In addition, a lot of wood is burned, deforesting the countryside. Everywhere we traveled, we saw people carrying firewood.

Long story American who had lived in Guatemala developed a fuel efficient stove that could be built using local materials. Besides being fuel efficient, the stove got the cooking fire off the ground and vented the smoke outdoors. It could be built for about $120.

Stove Builders Juan and Diego

Local "stove builders" have been trained (pic above), and they continue to build stoves and train more stove builders. Twice a year a group from our church returns to work alongside local stove builders and provide financial help. Can you believe Stove Builders have built over 850 stoves?!

$120 is a big price for a family where a good wage is $6 a day. Stove Builders provides $100 per stove through donations and the family pays $20. In addition, the family helps with construction of the stove.

Our hope is to provide a stove for every family who needs one. By purchasing this L*K design, you are partnering with us and stitchers around the world to provide safe, efficient stoves to Guatemalan families. ***Check out those tiny tortillas above. Tortillas are a staple food - breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

I couldn't finish this post without sharing this pic of the beautiful women and their gorgeous handmade clothing. I fell in love with the traditional clothing of these Mayan descent women. These ladies aren't "dressing up" for tourists - this is their everyday wear. Every village has it's own "pattern" of embroidery, and you can identify a person's home from their clothing. I also thought the wrap skirts were genius! No matter what your current weight, you could wind these skirts to a comfortable, cozy fit. And the COLORS!!!

BTW - this is "the gift that keeps on giving". We will continue to buy stoves - with your help - for years to come. This giving doesn't end with Christmas 2016! We really look forward to keeping you posted on our adventures in Guatemala.

"I am only one. I cannot do everything, but I can do Something".

****If you need any of these L*K newbies under your tree...or the 2 new kits previewed in previous post...let your favorite needlework supplier know NOW. We're shipping to shops right after Thanksgiving.



  1. I have already placed my order for both designs already!!!! Thank you for doing this charity project and I will share this post on my Facebook page as well to help promote your new designs!

  2. That is wonderful and I'll be happy to help.

  3. How can I place the order!? PS. We lived in Wichita then Derby, for 13 years!!