Monday, June 6, 2016

SPOOKED! Bonus #1 closeup and "thread heaven"

 So much info to little time to blog!

We're super busy here at L*K headquarters, preparing to ship SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler to shops on June 15. It's literally a day to day countdown for us right now.

We just received 3 large boxes of gorgeous Weeks Dye Works threads. OH MY - lots of thread packs to assemble and lots of points on our airline credit card. I literally DID NOT leave the house as I waited on this shipment last Friday. Way too many pretty threads to leave laying around on my porch. I didn't want my neighbor's pet white goose taking a liking to hand-dyed threads.

Alas, it was a GORGEOUS weekend in Kansas and we spent most of it wistfully looking out the window. OK...we did take the occasional paddle board and swim break. Above is my husband, Alan and our friend, Eddie, on his maiden paddle board voyage.I think they look pretty good for 60 year olds on "surf/paddle boards". 60 is the new 40!  Admit it...Kansas is prettier than you thought...right?

I promised you a close-up of the BONUS 2-sided fob in SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Part One. There's a BONUS project with all 3 parts of SPOOKED! I had such a good time working on these little gems...pure delight.

My fab finisher, Mona, did a great job finishing the fob. Lucky for you...she will be posting complete fob finishing instructions on her blog soon. I love the "hairy" black fiber she used in her twisted cording. If you don't want a fob, you could easily turn this into a pin pillow or whatever other mini-project you like. 

You can spot a few "goodies" from our SPOOKED! Embellishment Pack in these fob pics. There's a tiny black button on Side 1 and a JABC black/white mini quilt block button on Side 2.

You can spot the other 2 BONUS projects in our SPOOKED! sneak peek collage photo (above). Winnie Witch standup will be included with SPOOKED! Part 2. Don't you love the pumpkin standup finish with the real twig stem? The biggest BONUS of them all will be included with SPOOKED! Part 3. It's called "For the Birds" and the unframed stitchery is folded next to the fob. It's got a flock of blackbirds and a wily cat. 

Check back soon! I'm working on a beautiful post with behind-the-scenes pics from Just Another Button Company. They are magicians with polymer clay, and I think you'll be as fascinated and impressed with their business as I am. And you can see them working on a SPOOKED! button.

Still want to join the SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Club. It's never too late! Let your favorite needlework supplier you want to join the fun. This isn't a Limited Edition project. For those of you reluctant to commit to a mystery project, you can join us later as the mystery unfolds. But if you want to join the group of "mystery stitchers" around the world this summer, now is the time to get SPOOKED!

HAPPY SUMMER 2016!  If you haven't pulled out your white shoes (or flip flops)...Memorial Day is history and it's officially SUMMER. Enjoy!!!

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  1. I just love reading you blog! It's like a special treat in my day when I see a new post!
    I was wondering, what kind of fabric do you use the most? Do you prefer 32 ou 28 count?
    Thanks for the lovely things you do, you are a huge source of inspiration!