Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mysterious clarifications!

Have you ever tried to write instructions for something and make them crystal clear...even if there's not a photo or video to explain? It's a challenge...and that's me at mystery sampler time!!! Every time I do a mystery sampler, I agonize over the instructions. Every mystery (this is our 5th) I get a little more detailed, but there are still a few "mysterious" elements that were not intended!

Lots of you have received SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Part One and I know you're eager to get stitching and make some progress.

***If you haven't received Part One yet, I'm sure it's coming. You are welcome to inquire at your needlework supplier. We shipped EVERYONE on June 15, so there are definitely some mysteries still in the mail, and on the airplane across the pond, and being rerouted from shops to all of you.

I've seen a few questions popping up on Facebook, so I want to clarify a few details. These instructions made sense to me and my 3 proofers, but I totally understand if you all have questions. Inquiring cross stitch minds want to know!!!

* Under the "If using embellishment pack" instructions...I refer to a cadet "diamond" motif. That is referring to the group of 3 motifs - just to right and above little witch. They are four sided and look like diamonds to us. Whatever you want to call them, if you're using the embellishment pack, don't stitch the center black stitch on the top left one. Attach a tiny black button instead. You will see this motif cropping up again in Part Two and Part Three. If you've been reading my Cross Stitch 101 blog posts, you know that repetition is a favorite design trick. Our eyes find repetition pleasing!

* Also in the embellishment pack instructions, I used the word "onyx" several times. It should says KOHL. I got my WDW black colors mixed up (SORRY!), and this one got past the picky proofing crew. Whatever name you use...kohl, onyx, it's BLACK!!!

* Also in the embellishment pack instructions, I refer to "quilt motifs". Those are the 6 motifs that run across the bottom of the chart - sandwiched between the 2 horizontal lines of sweet potato stitches. These are my best rendering of a quilt motif. Maybe if I were a quilter??? You will see these fun motifs pop up again...but I can't tell you when...because it's a MYSTERY!

* I've seen some comments about fabric precut size. Marilyn and the PTP crew hand dyed, ironed, cut and labelled each piece. If the size of the finished fabric does not exactly match the size printed on the label, make some slight adjustments in the placement of your sampler on the fabric. I ALWAYS measure a piece of fabric and do the calculations with the stitch count before beginning a stitchery. See next paragraph.

To calculate finished stitchery size, just divide the overall stitch count (227W x 97H) by the count of your fabric. If you're stitching on Aida, divide by 14 for 14 ct. Aida, and 16 for 16 ct. Aida. If you're stitching on linen, you are stitching over 2 fabric threads. If you're stitching on 32 ct. linen, divide by 16. If you're using 28 ct. linen, divide by 14. This will give you the finished size of the stitched piece. You may not have a full 3" around the entire size, but it will be adequate for stitching and framing.

* I have seen some questions about using overdyed threads. Whether to complete each stitch before moving on, or do a whole row of half stitches and return to cross them, or use one strand of thread put end to end through needle (whew - 3 choices!) is totally up to you. I don't complete each stitch, because the end to end method is faster for me. And I'm ALWAYS in a many models to stitch, so little time for everything else.

If you would like the overdyed effect to be less muted in one specific area - like the little witch's face in Part One - then do that. I didn't want her face looking too stripey. But that a problem if you're already a witch?! You can see the "muted" effect of overdyed threads used end-to-end on the BONUS fob below on another witch's face. Could they be related?

* I've also had questions about the photos available for the BONUS Bewitched 2 sided fob. You can find them here on the blog (and in earlier post) and also on the L*K website at What's New.

Wishing all of you "mystery stitchers" a fabulous SPOOKED! time this summer. Can't thank you enough for joining the "club" of mystery stitchers all over the world. Isn't it great that needlework makes the world a smaller, closer little crossed stitch at a time?!

And yes, I am working on other new stuff that will be coming soon in July and August. More details soon!


  1. I need clarification on using the one strand of thread put end to end thru needle method with overdyed threads. I've not heard of that before. Can you explain how to do that please? Thx.

  2. Can't wait for mine to arrive! Mary Derby, I think she's talking about just pulling one strand through the eye and doubling it up that way, you know matching the ends together? I do that with DMC but not with overdyes. I like the full effect of the variegation.

  3. I was wondering about the end to end bit myself. I can see your explanation Shelly, I also do that with DMC so I don't have to catch the thread on the back. But I like the way the thread changes in the variegated so I do one stitch at a time.

  4. Just received my mystery sampler and can't wait to begin!! This is my very first mystery sampler and I LOVE Halloween, so this is waaaay cool!

  5. Thank you for your clarification! My mystery package arrived today and I am so excited to start! Do you ever plan to do mystery samplers for the seasons or other holidays besides Halloween and Christmas?

  6. Looking forward to seeing everyone's spooked progress and also to seeing those new and exciting things coming later this summer ;)

  7. Thanks! You answered my kohl/onyx question!