Tuesday, April 12, 2016

MORE coming soon!

In addition to the new Yearbook Double Flips, we have a couple other new designs COMING SOON!

B53 Accept What Is Inspiration Boxer plus BONUS sampler!

I'm so excited about this new Inspiration Boxer. I love the simple sentiment that was a "Top 10 finalist" in our inspirational sayings contest several years ago. It finally made it's way to the top of my design list. 

But I'm also super excited to share this darling BONUS sampler!! It turned out extraordinarily large for a BONUS. If you read previous posts on cross stitch designing, you know how things don't always turn out as anticipated when I'm designing.  I considered releasing it separately as a Snippet, then decided to include it as a BONUS, as originally intended.

Speaking of things not turning out as intended, the frame we ordered for the BONUS arrived the wrong size. We were in a rush, so used the too-long frame, and tried to disguise it in our cover photo with some lovely vintage linens (see top photo). So there's a behind the scenes L*K snafu. Sometimes you have to be flexible, even in a very precise sort of business like cross stitch. Here it is (above) with correct frame...charming.

B53 Accept What Is Inspiration Boxer includes 32 ct. Lambswool linen for main piece, tiny pink buttons (for main piece and BONUS) and BONUS design. You furnish a bit of fabric from your stash for the BONUS sampler. 

S125 For We Walk by Faith Snippet

Our other newbie is a Snippet, using II Corinthians 5:7 as our text. I'm thinking about starting a series of Snippets with some favorite scripture...but where to begin? This verse jumped out at me a while ago while sitting at my computer, and a new design was born. We're including the sweet little heart/cross charm because we love it. 

Above is the cover as you'll see this Snippet in your favorite needlework store. Don't miss our little "20 years" logo which will appear on all our designs this year. 

***On a personal note, I had my second cataract surgery yesterday. I did my left eye 2 weeks ago, and returned to do the right eye yesterday. Clearly I'm seeing a whole lot better than I did yesterday (while sporting my pirate patch) if I'm able to do this post. 

What an interesting experience! I'm sure many of you have had this surgery and have your own stories to tell. I was surprisingly alert during both procedures and remember the whole thing - which the anesthesiologist said I would not. Clearly the anti-anxiety drug was working or I would have been more alarmed, but still...pretty psychedelic light show was happening in my surgical eye! 

Thankfully both surgeries were less than 10 minutes, so I didn't have too long to ponder what was happening. I refrained from chatting with the surgeon...didn't want to distract her. Now I'm off for my day-after visit with my doc, and see how this new lens is working. My kitchen counter has 2 detailed schedules of 3 rotating eyedrops for each eye, so hopefully I can manage that for the next month.

Meanwhile I'm facing the world make-up free for a few days. But the hope of saying goodbye to contacts forever is making me smile!


  1. I love all your patterns, but B53 Accept What Is Inspiration Boxer really speaks to me. I can't wait for it to become available.

  2. Congrats on the surgery. I have been told that although my cataracts are small, the possibility exists that I could stop wearing glasses after 50 years. But now I'm facing glaucoma so I don't know if it's accurate or not. I love your designs and I am waiting (not quite patiently, but trying) for the mystery sampler for this year. I absolutely love working on those.

  3. I can hardly contain my excitement for this release. Thank you Linda for designing it in your unique style.

  4. Two more super designs! Thinking of you as your eyes heal from their surgery.

  5. All of your new releases are fantastic, but I know I'll stitch the "accept" project first!

  6. I love all your new designs! they are all very nice