Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler coming this SUMMER!

It's not a mystery anymore. We're doing another summer mystery club, and we can't wait to share the news with all of you. Introducing our...

SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Club

What's a mystery sampler? Most of you know, because you've been asking for another mystery. But for the "uninitiated", it's a sampler that unfolds in parts. The big mystery is...what will it look like?! Because unlike every other L*K project, there is no project photo on the front (I know...shocking!). Each month you receive a portion of the design. As you stitch, the project develops and the mystery unfolds!

Mystery Samplers are so fun, because...well, lots of reasons:

*It's a giant club with stitchers literally all over the world. And it's the best kind of club, because EVERYONE is invited and welcomed. It's fun to chat with other "members" as the mystery develops. And yes...there are a few over-achievers who race through each section. It's fun for needlework shops, because they get to see you/communicate with you every month. 

*We do lots of extra fun things when it's mystery sampler time. This summer we're working to develop a new overdyed thread color just for SPOOKED! We're also rounding up all sorts of fun embellishments to make SPOOKED! really special. We also offer precut fabrics (fantastic!) in 2 sizes of linen and 2 sizes of Aida.

*We "reward" Mystery Club stitchers with BONUS projects. SPOOKED! will include one BONUS project with each part...3 BONUS stitcheries in all! And let me tell you, they're super fun this time and only available with SPOOKED! 


* 3-part series will ship in mid June, July and August.

* Stitch Count for SPOOKED! is 227W x 97H. Clever mystery sleuths will recognize this as the exact same stitch count from an early Christmas mystery, Holly and Hearts. If you like to switch frames seasonally, that's an option.

SPOOKED! is stitched on Ale linen, from Picture This Plus. It's a great mottled, pale brownish/neutral color that makes Halloween colors pop and we love it. We'll have 4 fabric options...28 and 32 ct. Ale linen, as well as 14 and 16 ct. Ale Aida. All fabrics are precut with 3" border on all sides, serged, and individually packaged. You can also personalize with your own fabric choice.

* SPOOKED! thread pack has 13 skeins of Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads, including an exclusive new color we requested especially for SPOOKED! It's not named yet, but we'll reveal that soon.

* There are 3 BONUS projects, one included with each SPOOKED! portion. I was having so much fun designing this one, I didn't want to stop. I had "leftover ideas and motifs" and needed a place to put them! These are each lovely little projects by themselves. Here are the BONUS projects, in the order they will be revealed:

Bewitched 2 sided fob/pin pillow - 26W x 29H on each side - June
Winnie Witch standup - 43W x 79H (you can stand her up or flatten her like the Wizard of Oz!) - July
For the Birds - 121W x 29H - a very large BONUS for August

You're ALL invited to join our SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Club!! We've mailed info and order forms to needlework shops around the world. Just contact your favorite needlework supplier for pricing and pre-order info. 

We'll be blogging soon with behind-the-scenes looks at the whole mystery sampler process, including our awesome suppliers/partners at Weeks Dye Works, Picture This Plus, and Just Another Button Company, and (of course) the busy goings-on at Lizzie*Kate. 

***We're super excited to share that we'll be making a field trip to Garner, NC...better known as the home of Weeks Dye Works. We'll be dropping in on Miranda, John and all the WDW gang to visit their fascinating business. I've always wanted to see how those beautiful fibers and fabric are dyed and the whole production process. Hopefully we'll see our mystery thread color in production. And I'll be sharing pics with all of you about our thread pilgrimage...can't WAIT!

We know from previous mystery adventures, that you enjoy seeing all the prep and creativity that make a mystery happen. It's truly takes a (cross stitch) village to put one of these projects together, and we want to include YOU as we uncover the SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler together.

Mysteriously yours, 

P.S. Lots of you are asking about pricing and where to pre-order. Just contact your usual cross stitch supplier and ask them to pre-order. We've mailed info to needlework shops. If they haven't started a list, ask them to put you at the top of the list! If you need to find a needlework shops, you can visit the "Shop Listings" section of our website. http://lizziekate.com/stitchers.html  Most shops are willing to mail - just ask! 

* Check back soon for a SPOOKED! teaser photo and more mysterious happenings at L*K.


  1. yah!!!! doing your pieces is ALWAYS so much fun-- love your whimsy, fun nature :)

  2. Anyone know an on line source?

    1. Cyndi - give Beach Cottage Stitchers a try - they are just wonderful. I've purchased many times from them and they are so helpful. I think you will be very pleased

  3. One question - which thread count works best with the embellishments/buttons?

    Thanks so much.

  4. I would love to do this but I need an online source as there are no needlework suppliers in my area!